Is it safe to quit job after financial independence?

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The answer to this question depends on every individual and what they really want in their life. I personally think that the nature of work someone is doing is the major deciding factor to either quit the job or not quit the job. For someone who is financially independent, money is not a big deal but there will be so many things they would require in their life. In order to satisfy all those needs, it is very important to choose if they would need a job or not.

Financial independence is a process that usually takes some time. But by the time we are preparing ourselves for financial independence, we might have checked for opportunities that would provide us a sustainable income which in turn can give us confidence that we can quit our job. But quitting the job is not the important thing here. We should not need a job again or we shouldn't be dependent on the income from a particular job. But there are so many advantages a job can give us. Before quitting a job, it is good to consider those advantages.



Advantages a job can bring

The first major advantage a job can bring us the contacts and socializing. Human beings are social beings. They need interactions with other human beings or at least some sort of social contact. Job is the place where people interact with each other and in some cases, people also find their life partner in their job location. I have seen this happening to many people. That becomes one of the biggest advantages of going to a job.

Money isn't everything when it comes to a job. If we have a creative brain, the job is one place that gives opportunity to use our creativity. We can still do it by staying at home but being focused is not very easy when it comes to doing it by ourselves. Using the creative brain helps in staying healthy and also in having a long life. This is what experts say.



Today socializing happens through several means and jobs need not necessarily be the only place to socialize but in the olden days that used to be one of the major places where people interact and discuss interests, disinterests, politics, and so many other topics. They also find the love of their life and pretty much everything happens in the job they do. There are still communities that carry out a certain type of job for centuries, coming as a family tradition. In such cases quitting the job may not be a great idea for them because they might cut out the family lineage.

In order to live an active life, I personally think that everyone should have something or the other as either their Hobby or a job. They say "Idle mind is devil's workspace". I have seen that personally. We will get so many unwanted thoughts. Last year I suffered from anxiety and depression which got triggered all of the sudden for no reason. I found out that an idle mind was dangerous and diverted my mind towards good things and pleasant things. So I personally think that staying active is very important and a job that we like the most gives us the opportunity to stay healthy and also active.

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I believe that when we seek financial freedom it is precisely to free ourselves from work, schedules or bosses and to have the freedom to do other things that we had previously postponed due to lack of time.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking about too. Do the things you like.

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Yes it is.

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Financial freedom is among my plans for the future, but I am not enough to provide it yet.

In addition, I do not want to spend my most productive period outside of work if I think of it as age. I know people who miss their job and feel naked in daily life even after they retire. In order not to be one of them, I am already making preparations for financial matters.

Nice Bala
Idle mind is dangerous.
Before I joined here I used to spend idle after 5-6 hrs of my regular job. job may not be paid but one should engage in something as a social animal; otherwise it can be dangerous for oneself or for the society. I have experienced it. !LUV

I have watch a lot of interviews with high wealth people and all of them are still working. Because with out work you are bored out of your mind.

The first few months might be amazing, but it gets dull fast

If you can do a job you really like, why would you quit it. Just do it at the pace you like!

That's also very true. Jut at that point, I don't think it's called a "job".

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I agree with everything you have mentioned in the blog. I will never quit working. Because it will keep me active and curious. We human beings need to hit one level after another to avoid boredom. Can't spend all the time on the beach, chilling with friends. 😂

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Financial independence needs a proper definition. I feel like sometimes people describe retirement and call it financial independence.

For example, having a well paying job that enables you to save and travel is financial independence right?

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For example, having a well paying job that enables you to save and travel is financial independence right?


Financial independence is the status of having enough income or wealth sufficient to pay one's living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to be employed or dependent on others. Income earned without having to work a job is commonly referred to as passive income.

without having to be employed or dependent on others.

That ^

Yes, quit the job. And work towards your dreams...

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Personally, I think it's better to work at home without having to deal with annoying bosses and envious and gossipy co-workers. Of course not all bosses are annoying, and not all co-workers are bad people, but you do run into troublesome people a lot at work.

So for me it has been a real blessing since I discovered (a decade ago) that I could work on my own, without having to answer to anyone. First I bought a car and became a taxi driver, then I set up a hardware store, and later, years later, I dedicated myself to working online.

And that's not why I've compromised my social life, I relate, I have my hobbies, I'm active person and I'm doing well; but I no longer have the stress caused by working on the street, nor the anger of having to deal with intransigent bosses, and I have freed myself from the injustices that occur in conventional jobs (such as working for salaries of misery which almost never increase).

Anyway, that's my perspective on the matter you explain, but I understand and respect those who think otherwise and prefer (or really need) to continue working in conventional jobs.

Excellent Post, thanks for making us reflect on this topic and greetings.

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If I’m financially independent, what on earth do I need a job for ? I guess I should be creating jobs instead. My opinion though ! Might not necessarily be valid !!

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100% I am hopeful for the opportunity to be financially free one day!

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I agree that doing some work is good but having the ability to choose when you want to work is less stressful. You can pick what you want to work on and I do think it will work out.

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It indeed depends on person to person but it is still best to stay active even when not working :)

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I believe that working at Leofinance or Hive actively provides all that a job can give, in addition to the fact that one could become financially independent, since here you can interact and socialize in a sustainable way and set goals to achieve.

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This is why keeping oneself busy in order to counter any sort of negative thoughts coming your way.

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