Where do you keep all your Hive Keys?

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I think Keychain is the safest place to keep all your Hive-related keys. Most of the people on Hive might have multiple accounts. Especially when Hive Engine started, many people started building their stake on different accounts specific to each token. This is one of the reasons why I also wanted to create multiple accounts. I don't have an exact count of how many accounts I hold on Hive.

I have multiple accounts specifically for each tribe and in addition to that, I also have some accounts that are specific to some projects that I'm working with or running on Hive. I have to say that Keychain is the best place to keep all those keys. I do have a backup of the keys elsewhere but in addition to that Keychain helps in having the keys safe on the browser. If I want to migrate my keys from one browser to another browser, I can do that easily with the export and import option available in the Keychain.

After the recent upgrade, the keychain team also mentioned that we can even export the settings along with the keys and import them to the new browser. This feature becomes very handy and I would say that it is very useful for keeping the keys safe. The only problem with me is that I have created so many accounts on Hive but I have not organized my keys very well. I don't have all the keys on the keychain. It is a bit complicated.

I also run services for others and when people provide me with their posting keys or active keys from their projects, I save them in the keychain. I don't maintain any other backups. So, I think it would also be ideal for me to allocate a day to sit and organize all the keys I hold. This way it will be easier for me to maintain all the keys in just one place.

I hope the keychain brings support to export and import the keys from the system browser to the mobile app. I've not tried it yet so I'm not sure if that feature is already available. Right now I have the keys saved only for my primary account on mobile. If I can move my other account keys as well to the mobile keychain app, it will be handier. I also wish many dApps come up with Hive Auth which is very good to manage the authentication. We can easily use our keychain app to authorize transactions with the help of our mobile device. This becomes handy when we use dApps on mobile phones as mobile browsers do not support keychains.

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Good post, @bala41288. I use the keychain app as well as 2 other backups, one being paper copies, off-site.

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That's nice. It is better to have backups.

I have my keys stored in Keychain, but also in my Bitwarden password manager so that I don't lose them. Dunno how wise that is, but it's pretty secure from what I've experienced! !CTP !PIZZA

That's good. As long as there is encryption, it is good.

Looks like there is, so I'm pretty well set it seems! !CTP

I have my keys stored in Keychain and also on a piece of paper.

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That's good. 🙂

Stored offchain, off-internet and off my computer :D

Yes a backup should always be like that.

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