Young age gives freedom to take risks

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At a young age, we get the freedom to make mistakes. That's why people say that we can take risks at a young age. The reason is that we will also have the strength to get back what we lose. Not all the risks we take end up neat and well. There are instances where risks can backfire and make us lose all our hard work. That's when young age plays an advantage.

We don't have to worry about the loss and we can console ourselves by saying that we have plenty of time to correct the mistake and do wonders. Many young people take big risks compared to old people. Not because they tend to make lots of mistakes but because they know for a fact that if things go wrong they can correct them. That's the freedom we get from a young age. We feel as if the blood is flowing faster in our body and we really feel enthusiastic about everything and also excited about everything.



Stress level is low during young age

It is by nature people worry too much as they grow up and age. Young people have a fresh mind and it is unlikely that they worry or care about anything. That nature is very important when it comes to financial investments as well. We all know we need wise minds to do proper investments but at the same time, a risky mind is also important to take good decisions. If we don't think about taking risks at a young age, we will never be able to take risks in our life at all.

When we talk about stress levels, it is believed that people of young age don't involve too much in the family or they don't even care about themselves. That is one of the reasons why we see many youngsters spoiling their health due to bad company. If we see this on a positive note, the stress levels of youngsters will be less because of this nature and they will be able to make quick decisions and definitely something that works the risk. That's one of the reasons why young age is an advantage for taking risks.



Freedom to start everything from scratch

Most of the time if something goes wrong, the youngsters have the freedom to start everything from scratch. For people who are old and experienced, this may not be the case and sometimes there can also be a lot of dependencies preventing them from starting fresh. The dependency can be a family-related one or mostly financial dependency and that's one of the biggest reasons why they want to focus on doing safe investments. For young individuals that's not the case. They sometimes have no dependencies on them and they can try multiple things and stick to ones that work out really well.

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In life, you need to take calculated risks.

When you are young, you can afford to lose as you still capable to have time and work on yourself to earn back. What is more scary is that many dont even bother trying.

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Most young people also don't have a lot of capital to risk.

Also mentally most are not drowned in stress and responsibilities that come with life and senior positions at work.

A young become an old and experienced man because of his previous mistakes (risks) 😢

And then becomes risk averse? 😂

🕵️use judiciousness as he gathered 👩‍🏫

Great post man.
It's a fact young people can take risk cause if they fail, they got plenty of time to take lesson from the mistake and trun around once again.

Exactly, it's always good to start early. It's easier to rise and still stand at a youthful age. Now I realise why I have this great appetite for risk.

I agree. When we are young, there are a lot fewer responsibilities and that changes as we grow up. I also think people should be taking more risks when they are young but only after they have had some financial education.

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Yes I agree with you. They should have some basic financial education.

That's absolutely true, we can do so much from a young age that can help us in future. It's good that we have found Hive at a young age and it can shape our future for good.

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Yeah we are looking forward. 🙂

Excellent post dear friend @bala41288 invites reflection
For all things it will always be better to start early, there are more margins to correct on the fly as one gains experience
enjoy the weekend

Thank you. You too have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

It is definitely easier for those without much financial responsibility to takes risks. Thanks for sharing.

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