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RE: LEO Down, But Community Strong

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Yes, but CUB has nowhere to fall, it seems that it is time for him to hit the wall, push off and start growing. Indeed, this will increase the involvement in LEO many times over, but while many people eat popcorn, it is difficult to predict the mood of investors.

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I wish nothing but the best to CUB investors, it's a Leo branded product after all, but some have probably dumped their LEO holdings for CUB.

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No need to look far) I am one of them, but, I tend to wait rather than panic. True, until I see the return on this project, I will not go further.

it is difficult to predict the mood of investors.

Investors are insane so catering to them is fairly foolish. We have to keep building and the price of tokens will follow. Since investors are emotional, we know the basics of building and network effect cannot be overlooked.

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I doubt it's possible to generalize here.) Even a pike, an active predator, does not immediately rush to a moving bait, it studies it for some time. Although, many consider her crazy, the one that rushes at everything that glitters)

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