Hive is lagging and I want to participate in the bull market!

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Hive will go up, there's no question about it.. but sometimes I like chasing the bull.

Risky? Yes.

Stupid, probably.

SO obviously this isn't financial advise. Risk is also fun and rewarding.

If you followed my previous blog you know what specific crypto I'm betting on. I made another purchase but it cost me an extra 70 Hive.. jeez. I didn't have as much liquidity so Ces la vis. This is from last time I bought.


But doesn't some little part of you want to chase the bull? What fun is it not to play? I'm sitting here with my bags.. and they are getting lighter even though I'm making MOAR..

So what do I do? Do I just wait it out? Hope it's going to catch the fire along with others? Is it that trickle down effect in crypto's you are really waiting for (in bull markets).

If anything is going to ride the tails this long with Bitcoin; it would be Litecoin. Perhaps buying in slightly lower now even though my bags are lower? You could HODL and gamble either way. HODLing is also a gamble as it requires sometimes faith and not just brains. Getting in within something that can net bigger and faster returns?

Don't believe me?


This shit is still around! The primordial shit-token .. and wtf it's market cap is 340 Mill USD hmm and it's 24 hour volume is 79 Mill..


Ok so I guess Litecoin has no room to go up.. I see..


Bull markets don't always have to make sense. It's like running with the pack and sometimes getting trampled on in the process. You then could look up at your losses as the bulls run with your bags attached..


With the Max supply of 84,000,000 it would seem more affordable to the masses. Also take note of it's all-time-high. We all know this was during the last bull-market.

Now back to Hive..


Hive could hover around these prices tomorrow. It may be up a few cents at max. So I probably do not have much to lose when a bigger chunk of something goes up at the same time. Imagine how much more Hive you can get if you exchanged it back which I have done before and may do again.

Look, to me crypto is all about the 20%-50%-100% rewards in bull markets (perhaps even more). Will I keep it as crypto? Nothing is worth anything to me if I cannot get consumable items for it. I'm after all still a physical being with physical needs. So if I need to use crypto to buy something; I'll use it. If I need debt notes to buy something; I'll use it. Yes yes I like peer to peer and decentralized as well!

Am I saying buy Litecoin? Absolutely not. You can choose a myriad of different crypto's for different BULLISH reasons. I just happen to think Litecoins run up will be a lot more fun than some other crypto's.. at the present moment.

If you Ride the wave of crypto's, you can sometimes net even more than just HODLing one particular one. I have heard that in the end HODLers do get consistent returns as if it was better to never trade. I do know there's plenty of shit-coins around so you have to choose wisely either way.

So let's see.. will I be bragging? Or will I not post out of shame for my lost bet?

I think I'll post about either, after all this is crypto. Perhaps this bet is just faith or a hunch. Does it have anything to do with brains? Perhaps a surfer who catches the waves does require some brains and a little faith.

I waited just a little bit to post this blog..

I sold at 13.2 (which I feel is ridiculously low). It is now


Will it pop back up just in time to fill the gap of the crypto I just bought? Time will tell.

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HODLing is also a gamble as it requires sometimes faith and not just brains

It requires luck, nothing more.
It's a defensive, fearful, stagnant , passive, mentality.

I hodl 100K steem from 2016 till hive fork. How stupid is that?

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You still made profit, though?

Sold hive and hunt at the top.Sold steem. Uni airdrop. Bought btc, leo and eth. I was somehow lucky with timing this time.

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An Old Timer will learn a trick or two.

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By not hodling my steem income stands me at around $12 per steem (approx - stopped working it out a while back)

I haven't worked out my hive, but I sold at between the 40 and 80 cents spike.
My three month hiatus from 'real work' means that I'm using it to live, for now..(it was 24 cents when I calculated it.

Yeah, Hive needs to catch up with the DeFi and everything it is happening in the cryptocurrency space. Or at least needs to come up with some alternatives to this and have its own thing. But nevertheless the price and the bull run needs to come from some new function from the Hive ecosystem, it cannot boom without anything sustaining it or it will be short time nevertheless.

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It is shocking how wrapping hive on Ethereum has had no effect on the price

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I always liked litecoin, it works great and is pretty fast for transactions.
I sold mine and bought Leo, I'm good! I do still think it has a lot of upside and I would be a buyer of litecoin here too.

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Yes my predictions about hive came true. It's a few more going to come true. I'm going to watch them go down with joy as they should.

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LOL yet you still use Hive and post on LEO you are just an incredible user

let me upvote you lol

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