Hive has jumped to $0.39 and I am taking profits at 03:00 AM

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The night is young and so are we and as I cannot sleep at 03:00 AM in the morning and watch a TV series (Shantaram), I had a peak at the crypto market. And a pleasant surprise unfolded beneath my eyes I have caught Hive in action by having its price jump to $0.39. And as I know from past experiences that this doesn't last long I have got on the market and took some profits with 750 Hive that I had liquid.


We see that the Hive price spiked during the day announcing the action that was to follow and this time I could also benefit from it. Probably the price will deflate soon as I don't know what it might have pushed it so up, but if history repeats it might be just a short pump and dump played by some big players. I will see this after I get some good sleep being satisfied that I could catch this rise in the price.

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I watched it happen 😂
But sold early..
It's all good to be ready for such opportunity. However, is this pump and dump games good for us as a community?

Pump and dump schemes are good because they increase trading and bring new eyes to the platform. And it is not like it falls too much, but rather retraces to the price before the rise.

I like your point of view.

I only wish I knew when they are about to happen.
Or do you just art limit trades down? @behiver

Seems like you did well selling high, it spiked and got back down, hope you can rebuy low.

Yeap, that's what I did, and made a few more Hive being at the right place at the right moment.

That was a good move, in my opinion. Bitcoin is trying to extend to the top of the range. A significant correction is moments away... #NFA

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The market doesn't look too good and such spikes are pretty rare. I was lucky to catch this one.

It looks like there is a bunch of pumps. Should we be blaming the Koreans for this? I don't think I will bother doing any profit trading right now.

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Yeah, I think the Koreans do these moves. So it is good to have some Hive liquid and this time I benefited from that.

I am wondering why it is pumping without BTC

The usual spike cycles that we got accustomed to on the Hive blockchain. We just need to be prepared for such opportunities.

I missed it going so high, shows highest $0,359 by me

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That's a really good move to make at 3:00 AM :). I missed the pump, although I couldn't take advantage of it either. The cycle just continues, let's see how high the nest price pump goes.

Hive is pumping, am glad to see that I guess my coming back to web 3 makes that happens. More pumps !

You caught the high perfectly. Kudos for catching that one. I will look out for the next pump. 👀

Yay! 🤗
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