HIVE – What if we had a feature that allows us to burn garbage accounts

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HIVE is a DPOS governance blockchain which has at its core its communities and sharing their points of interest, passions, stories or just blogging. Due to the vast communities out there and in order to separate the content, one might open different accounts to serve a specific purpose: one account for photography, one account for gaming, another account for finance and cryptocurrencies and so on. At the same time somebody might just be experimenting on the ecosystem and either embrace it fully or just let is sleep into the unknown.


So day by day while the ecosystem grows with healthy users in the same time it gathers a lot of garbage. And what do we do with garbage? We try to clean it up, but we don't have the right tools to do it so. Thus in my opinion we should have a burn account feature which will simply destroy the account (change status as archive or something alike) and burn any Hive, Hive Power or Hive Dollars it might have. This way we can get rid of unused accounts that don't bring any value but just noise.


The option should be available to be performed only by the owner accounts or even automatically if the value tends to zero. This way we'll have an active and healthy blockchain which should make it progress by motivating the participants to be active. Also the stats will be more relevant and new ones could be performed to distinguish between the two states. It is like keeping the code clean and manageable the way I see, otherwise everything will grow into something that might hide the value instead of revealing it.


Let me know what you think of burn accounts feature, either if you love it or if you hate it. Give your comments and let's see in which direction the balance tilts.

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I understand your idea... but that, my friend, goes against the notion of an immutable blockchain! I'm afraid the zombie accounts will be with us forever, whether we like it or not! 🤭

Indeed but burning account doesn't mean that it disappear but just that it is moved to an inactive status. Everything remains on the blockchain, has its history, but just that the status doesn't allow it to be used anymore.

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