LEO Finance outreach, new traffic channel and community growth on Quora

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We all play our role in supporting LEO Finance to evolve and one initiative I'm running and see this community growing and outreach outside is to establish a LEO Finance space on Quora. I've create a Quora Space quite easy and started to gather some questions to build awareness about the LEO Finance community that runs over the Hive blockchain and about the LEO cryptocurrency in special. Slow growth in the beginning, but things have started to get more active and the space is growing as we speak.


Why Quora? Let's just see some key points about it:

  • Ranking on #373 place in global internet engagement on Alexa

  • Well established website and trusted by Google or all ads providers, high ranking SEO

  • It has 300 million monthly active users and topics specialization is achieved through Spaces on different domains – Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks etc.

  • You can request answers from up to 25 real users per day from the Space domain of interest. This way there are big chances that your questions will find their answers.

  • Easy management of Space questions, people, roles attribution and also monetization when reaching a specific threshold of users. Statistics to drive content and build up the community from this space: 315 views last week with just 8 followers, 19 upvotes and 15 content items (questions and answers). Tremendous potential of traffic source, could easily be a one way stop and tunnel from Quora to LEO Finance.

  • I think that the Quora approach and linking the content to LEO Finance is one gem that needs to be used at its potential, is free and might bring impressive results. Join the space, ask questions and content on LEO Finance and link it on Quora and let's use all this potential and make it one of the most traffic channels that we have.

    Come join the LeoFinance space on Quora!!!

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