Leo Finance - The draft feature is making a killing for any content creator

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Leo Finance is a complete platform for any content creator on the Hive blockchain and it has some great features that help with the work. And one of these useful features is saving articles as Drafts and posting or scheduling them at a later time. I am so grateful for this feature which otherwise would imply for us to take notes and write content offline and push it to the Leo Finance platform when we would want to publish. With the Drafts feature I have reached up to 14 posts at a time in the pipeline with the current one and I set a record for myself in this regard.


While we all have good or bad periods, it is important to make the most of those when we are fully energized and inspired by the content that we create and publish on Leo Finance and the Hive blockchain. And in such cases, the Drafts option comes as a glove and we are able to be creative once also for the days when we simply show antipathy about our content and routines. We all know the times when our brain is working at its maximum and we would also write content on the walls if we could, so using the drafts is the way to go.


I think for me the Drafts is the utmost feature that I appreciate on the Leo Finance platform. I wonder if that's the same for you or if you have other features and functionalities that you consider a blessing while creating content.

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The draft feature is impressive. Other dapps have them too but most dont exceed 1 post limits. You having 14 post in the timeline is 14 days of free time and more productivity.

This will be a good integration to leomobile as time goes on.

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Right, the drafts feature would be nice to be ported also on Mobile even if I hope for Threads to be more used on that.

True, the drafts feature is a good functionality that has makes blogging on the Leofinance community amazing, in scheduling our post, to publish on a certain date.

Scheduling when to publish our content is a good way when we are not around.

Autosave of draft is indeed a very helpful feature and its integration with mobile and pc versions both. I also appreciate Leo Finance for adding this very useful feature

Autosave of drafts saves us big when we simply forgot our content, browser crash, or other unfortunate events.

I do really enjoy the draft set up it works well and I can see the setup of the blog live

Like today for me. I went hiking in the mountains on the weekend and did not have time to prepare any new content. And now as I got back, I had a post in my drafts and simply published it. It helps us be consistent in our content creation.

IT really does help. It takes a bit of prep work and a few times I got in the habit of writing a few articles and just publishing them each day. I have to get back on the horse while Hive and Leo is down as when it returns that is when you get your gainz

The drafts feature is a really cool feature that helps in storing unfinished posts that you can come back later. I currently have about 5 of them.

For me the post scheduler is the utmost, there are times you might not be available due to some circumstances to publish the post. With the post scheduler, it's possible to schedule your post in advance.

Pretty good to have 5 posts as a backlog. I also put there posts not finished that I can revisit and finish them at a later point.

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With the Drafts feature I have reached up to 14 posts at a time in the pipeline with the current one and I set a record for myself in this regard

Wow. My record is 2... This feature did saved me a few times while I was writing and the platform went off.

Yay! 🤗
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I like the draft feature but I just feel that there are some issues from time to time. So after trying it a few times, I went over to PeakD to draft my post then come back to LeoFinance to post.

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