My job interview - Opinions about how it went

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I have just completed my job interview and I must say that it had its ups and downs. We went through a lot of technical aspects from the software development and we reached domains like General/IT work, Database, Testing, Automation and day to day operations. I had to dig for some knowledges from my past considering that at the moment I am a Test Manager and some answers were good and other good be better.

Even if I didn't knock the answers right away, I've described the processes and the approach on those that I would take or taking at the moment. This might not be a straight answer, but it is one that relates on how I am currently doing some things. And practice sometimes beats the theory, so hopefully those were good enough.

On the other side I think I could have prepared myself a little bit better (I did that in the past) in order to refresh some information that I didn't master too well. That is one thing that it should be an improvement and I put it on my to do list.

Overall the energy was good, the guys engaged me and we spent more time that it was scheduled. I would say this is a good thing, but time will tell. Nevertheless, regardless of what the answer will be I got a good feeling about this experience. And want thing that will result is for me to deepen some of my knowledge and get more on the underlaying of things. I am moderate in expectations at the moment, the interviewers were great, my answers were moderate so will need to see what happens.

As I still had the rush after the interview I have decided to write this post even if I don't know the results. Probably it will take a time until than, other applicants to check, but overall a good experience and with some directions for me to have in mind to grow my career.

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Good luck!
It's an experience either way.

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Sounds like you did a video interview !? ....good luck with the result, I guess a 'rush' is a good sign :D

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I like the mindset - if it doesn't work out, it's the experience that's worth it! And it's true - our experiences defy us. We learn from them, adapt, and grow!

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I hope you get your job. Interviews as much as people may have some "experience" in it, each one is in a different way. Good luck!

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