Filecoin - A decentralized storage network introduction

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Filecoin is a a decentralized storage network and has just launched the Mainnet on October 15, 2020.

I just grabbed the introductory video from their website ( to present how a decentralized storage network is envisioned to be working, what mining options are available and how those are working and what other specific options are to Filecoin.

I was always intrigued by the storage solutions in blockchains and the market seems to bring more and more solutions which creates competitivity and grabs a big piece from the big players - Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This video should be introductory enough for anyone interested in this domain and I will try to come with a follow-up post with more details, mining node costs and other options on trading or staking Filecoin tokens.

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To be honest I still see it as a very hard thing to mass adopt... which is where you wanna drive peoples attention when trying to reduce costs of storage decentralization.

I am a filesystems person and I have some experience with distributed workloads and in general, compute. For me, the gap between making something efficient and useful is a must-have golden nugget.

For me, Storj died a year ago... and then made a great coming back. They opted by solidifying the user experience which is inevitably what provides the business value.

I am not discarding any solution as an exploratory potential area of finding new ideas, but at the moment I don't yet feel they are on the right path, unless they have something under their sleeves (I hope they do).