Playing with Hive rankings as a way of gamification and motivation

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Through gamification, we make any job or routine fun, and one that I've succeeded to translate like this is by playing with Hive ranking. As any king of the hill I like to track my ascension and climb up there, even if I am aware that I will not touch the top, but at least to be within a hand of people with significant influence. There is a long road ahead but buying playing it like a game, barely feels hard.


I am using three rankings to track my climb to the top:

  • Hive Power ranking
  • HBD Savings ranking
  • Account Value ranking

Each of them gives me good insight into where I am finding myself and the next milestones for each. Of course, I can go up, but also down, but simply having targets help me be consistent in this ecosystem and show each day. Here are my marks in sight.

AssetAmountCurrent rankingTargeted ranking
Hive Power12,033986Top 900
HBD Savings4,782130Top 100
Account value ($)8,683738Top 700

Just this week I reached 12,000 Hive Power and this is a significant milestone on my way up. It is not easy to climb up and be consistent on the Hive blockchain with everything that's happening, but I am doing my best and growing slowly. One thing that helps is that as I continue to power up my Hive tokens, I will be earning more and more from curation. This is a great way to keep on accumulating in the bear market and once the crypto market will turn around all the hard work should pay off. I like looking at stats and rankings on where I am positioning myself within the Hive ecosystem as a whole and specific communities as this brings motivation through ramifications. I wonder if this works the same for you or if you have another uptake on this.

What other gamification you can apply on the Hive blockchain?

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did you find a beetrail yet?

Not yet.

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12k HP is really a nice milestone and congratulations on this achievement.

Truly appreciated and indeed 12k HP is a round number. My next milestone is 15k HP although it will take me a while to get there.

I think you can also gamify the rank or number of posts/comments. You tend to have more control over those.

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That's some good thinking, we can extend the gamification to what works for us.

Great work on your stats! That is some good progress and I track those too!

Tracking our stats gives insight into what we could do better and also it motivates us as we rank up.

It also helps me keep focused towards my goals.

With consistency and a strategy, the direction will always be upwards and not downwards. I just checked mine and I'm in the tens of thousands! Got a lot of climbing to do lol. I guess slow and steady growth is better than no growth.

Slow and steady is the way as there is no shortcut to the top.

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I like your strategy.

I'm shooting for 500 LEO power up and 50 posts before LPUD. Its fun to make it like a little game against yourself.

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Yay! 🤗
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