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RE: First Bull Trade!

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Trading opportunities during bull run are usual positive experiences, but it takes just a turn in order to become negative for the short trader. Still, with some research one could make some good returns out of it. I would like to see more experts in this space posting on LEO Finance as I think we lack such information.

While I am not a good trader by long, I too entered the market buying ETH at $500 and I could exit now making 1-2 ETH profit. But I think that the uptrend will continue and I am looking at least to the $700 target.

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I would certainly like to see more posts about trading experiences because I'm a newbie in this. It would be really lovely for the uptrend to continue and if it happens, I'm down for it! I guess it's not ''if'' but ''when''!

Thanks for reading and trade well!

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