Speak Network - Santa brings us early in December another airdrop of Larynx Miners to fill up our bags

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It is December, it is the last month of the year and while some of us already thinking towards 2023, I am still checking what more we can grab with us at the end of this year. And one thing we all should do is claim our airdrop from the Speak Network and put it to work. As time passes we'll have fewer and fewer monthly airdrops available and we must make the most of it while it still lasts. And being in the month of gifts it is quite great that we can make a gift for ourselves and claim some more Larynx Miners that we can put to work through power-up and delegation.


Time to claim the Larynx Miners airdrops from my main Hive account, but also from some alts that I use on different communities and purposes - like gaming. As every bit of it counts, I've cleaned up all the accounts and taken even the dust out of them, and aggregated all the Larynx Miners tokens on the main account. By doing this I have prepared and am ready to roll 629.696 tokens.


Using the Ecency interface which offers an easy way to manage your Speak Network-related tokens, I have first Powered Up all my Larynx Miners tokens. While having already 54,281.892 LP and with the addition of 629.696 LP I have ended up with 54,911.588 LP.


Next, I have moved with the Delegation of Powered Larynx Miners to an active node validator and in this case, is @ocdspeak where my goal is to delegate 10k tokens. I almost reached this threshold but missed it by 89 Larynx Power. I guess on next airdrop will complete it.

Besides this through powering up and delegating the Larynx Miners, I've already gained 2.211 SPK tokens which are the governance cryptocurrency for the Speak Network. I think these will be the most valuable assets and will continue to harvest them as much as I can. While things are being built up I am doing my part and continue to support it through investing in available tokens and putting them to work. What about you?

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I got mine yesterday but I noticed an issue. The main site listed where most people initially setup to delegate their LARYNX tokens (that dlux site) loads, but the wallet section didn't load for me after many attempts. just giving a black screen. I had to end up going to the SPK network website to claim my tokens for December but didn't see my delegations. I see everything on Ecency though, just wondered what happened to the dlux site. Anybody else having problems getting the WALLET portion of the dlux site to load? I just tried it right now and still a black screen nothing loads.

Yeah, I saw that as well and this is why I used Ecency. Usually, when I see issues like that I drop them a message on Discord and they take care of it. But now I feel lazy to notify them... maybe somebody else will do it. :)

Thanks, at least I know it's not a glitch on my end. Hopefully they'll get it fixed. I rarely use Discord due to the double login and the email verification required everytime you use it.

did not know about this, it is much easier. thanks.

Yeah, the Ecency wallet for Speak Network is great and easy to use.

feel free to delegate to my node :D

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Yeah, I'm thinking of it although I already have delegated to three different nodes and I still need to do health checks on those and simply don't want to add too much spread to it. But will consider it nevertheless.

I like ecency as it makes the process easy but I found it a bit annoying to delegate to someone I was already delegating to. In the end, I just choose someone new and the delegation of power worked out.

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It is a way how DLux made the Delegation process. Basically, you cannot update a delegation with already delegated tokens + free ones, but you need first to update them with zero and then use the entire power balance to delegate. It is not related to Ecency, but probably they didn't make a good design on the way the delegation works, but at least we have the described workaround for it.

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