Splinterlands - From total expansion to lean and mean to stay green

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The crypto winter does not discriminate and it seems that it affected also Splinterlands which in order to survive needs to adapt. While for some time they were in total expansion mode, it seems that now the strategy has changed in order to ensure survival and sustainability by transcending the team to a mean and lean approach. This resulted in a reduction of the size of the Splinterlands team by roughly 45%, which is not a small number. What I always appreciated from Splinterlands was their transparency and always keeping in touch with the community and this time they didn't hide the action made and posted about it for all to know - To the Splinterlands Community.


The lean and mean strategy to stay green is one that many companies live at a certain point in time and now it happened also for Splinterlands. The difference is that this was caused by the falling industry affected by the latest bankruptcies and is not something that the company did wrong. Thus I believe that the tokenomics are quite strong and while they will navigate these harsh times, they will get on the other side better and stronger. Sometimes you can avoid a crypto crisis and you need to go through them in order to hold your ground, and this is what happened here.


Things will move forwards, maybe not with the same velocity, but this entire ecosystem will keep steady and evolve. The last proposal (SPS Governance Proposal - Daily Burn of Unsold Chaos Legion Packs) already passed voting and this is one step to strengthen the tokenomics from here. The team showed that it is capable to adapt and I am sure other proposals will come to balance what's happening within the crypto phenomenon in general and Splinterlands metaverse in special. I am having faith in the project and in the chosen path and together we will surpass this crypto winter and become winners in the end. Afterall, this is the only way forward!

Come join the Splinterlands and forge your destiny!

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Well said and also a nice shot out to the Splinterland Team.


I think they did a good move in time to avoid more serious problems along the way. While this is not easy for many from the team, I think this is the only way forward.

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I stand by the team with their decision . As you said , it is so good to see them being honest and transparent about the move . It is understandable why they took that decision though.

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Crypto winter affects us all. Hopefully, we don't have any other earthquakes like FTX soon.

Well said!

The splinterlands team has been though a bear market before and their main product is in good shape and loved by the community.

Add to that the continuous development and new content and I’m sure that they will be one of the winners in the next Bull cycle.

In the meantime: push and shove, there is not enough for everyone 😉

True words and the past bear market experience for sure will help them navigate this one. What happened now is that we learn as we go and the ability to adapt is the one that keeps us alive and maybe makes us winners in the end.

I love that prospect. Worth taking a risk for

You summed it up quite well bro. It's about survival now.

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Survive we shall!

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Excellent motivation 👏

Thank you 😊


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It's more important to slim down. Much better for the game, as it's evolutionary !


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It's a tough choice but I do think that it's what is required. Their goal should be to focus on specific features to come out such as land and make sure the game develops. If things go well, they can always expand the team later when there are more funds available.

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This is not good that splinterlands as a company has to leave their 45% people but in the current scenario it's a need for the company to run. I am sure that they will continue to do great things and all this is because of crypto winter. Well summarised then situation in the post.

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121