Splinterlands - The first rewards from the Brawl participation are amazing

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Splinterlands boosted the entire Guilds mechanics together with encapsulating Splintershards (SPS) rewards based on the brawl's results. As part of the Team Possible Power guild, I played my role and carried my weight in battle succeeded to rank in 3rd place within the guild, and push it to 2nd place in the Brawl. As a result of that, the guild has won spoils of 105 Crowns in the latest brawl and each fully participating member was awarded 5,833 Merits and 84.984 staked SPS.


The staked SPS in the amount of 84.984 will continue to provide a good return having a 25% APR, the Merits went towards buying Gladiator packs and the Crowns will be used by the Guild to expand the building to new levels. This shows the extension of the use cases that being part of a guild brings.


I have claimed all my SPS tokens from the SPS dashboard and besides the tokens that went directly into staking, I have also gathered around 200.269 SPS as staked rewards. The next step was to move right away and stake them all in order to get me closer to my 100,000 SPS being staked milestone.


I ended up with a balance of 83,926.909 SPS staked which means 83.92% of my 100k target. On top of that if we were to calculate from the 25% APR a daily passive revenue that would translate into 57.50 SPS which I will recurrently stake up to get to my goal sooner rather than later.


With the current developments, I think that Guilds and Brawls have a clear path within the game and allow players to strategize and have a different experience that the regular battles. This is a great thing and I believe it will help in the long haul as players have more options when carrying a battle or an entire war. I am excited to see the next use cases for guilds and how will this evolve in the future. Until the next feature in the game, I can only say one thing.

Come and join Splinterlands and fight alongside your brothers and sisters in arms!

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It sure is a great improvement to the game. I guess we pay in DEC and get SPS in return.

Right, contributions to the guild are in DEC as that's used for leveling up buildings, while we are getting SPS from the rewards. This is a new use case also for trading assets.

Yeah, it is a good mechanic, although the SPS value could go down.

I haven't given brawls a chance since I been back. But with rewards like this 8 better get my butt in gear! Thanks for sharing!


I think Guilds are getting stronger and stronger and providing more perks and a new revenue channel for their members. It is a must to be part of one and get to the upper levels to reap healthier rewards.

Now we have started receiving sps along with merit and this change is good.

This should energize the Guilds and brawls space at once.

Wow, those are some great rewards. My guild doesn't get anywhere close to your merits or rewards as we swap between tiers 1 and 2. Then again, our buildings are not yet maxed.

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There is still growth to make, but as you continue to play and strengthen the Guild it will advance further.

My guild earns Merits and very few crowns, but I haven't seen SPS rewrds yet.

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You should be getting SPS rewards so long as you submitted your fights. It has only recently been added so I would double check.

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This is a great development for splinterlands. An achievement worth acknowledging

This is great development and this will bring more active players to the game.

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Thanks for sharing! - Underlock#8573

Interesting, I was unaware of this SPS awards feature of Brawls. I win Merits, but wasn't aware of SPS rewards and I am unsure of crowns awards. Please explain further about those two rewards: Is there a rank you must achieve to earn them?

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