Threads elevates the entire Leo Finance ecosystem

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Threads are breathing life into the Leo Finance ecosystem and elevating it to a new level. With it, we see more use cases being added and enhancements on top of the Hive blockchain infrastructure that is bringing value to the surface. Leo Finance is a tokenized community that has at its core blogging. With Threads that was extended to microblogging which brings more energy to the platform along with more and a new kind of users that simply can post swiftly "tweets" and engage more directly.


With Threads, the engagement with Leo Finance and Hive blockchain will reach unseen levels as I think it was one use case not fully fulfilled yet. With a well-established community where the user base is already ensured and that will be the foundation on which new users can join and send threads in the space. The microblogging factor is something we were all missing since Project Blank was announced and now we see it come to reality, we see it come to the streets from the Leo Finance world.


The community is still discovering the features that Threads offer and steadily things are put into motion and stats confirm it. One-click is all it takes to create a thread and with this speed, you can engage as much as you can. If you want something more you can either filter the Threads by Trending and Recent ones or even choose from the most used tags and see the discussions from there. Simplicity is key in the beginning, but I am sure that as we move further more features will come to life.

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This is just the beginning for Threads.

The community has already flooded the team with a ton of suggestions and improvements.

Pretty cool to see :)

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The power of a strong community is undeniable and its Hive mind works to make this platform great and flourish!

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Much appreciated and HiveBuzz surely brings a lot of value to Hive blockchain through its stats and Gamification through badges. Simply love visiting your site and getting some new info about the Hive ecosystem.

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Thank you ❤️

Yes they do. #threads are something truly special for Leofinance and Hive.

This is going to really change things around here if people get involved. So far a lot of talk and not too many engaging.

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I think that the entire activity on the Hive blockchain will be boosted by Threads. With that, we will see more usage on RC, and thus more Hive Power will be needed for accounts, which should benefit the entire ecosystem.

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