Hive is the best place for kids to learn about crypto

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In the spirit of Children's day, I thought I'd talk about this topic that is hardly remembered. We're all focused on building generational wealth for the future but all that will mean nothing if your progeny doesn't have the requisite knowledge.

I haven't made a baby yet, but whenever I do, my baby will have some HBD to get their career on Hive started. Thanks to the recurrent payment feature, I and my wife make weekly deposits of $9.5 into an account for our future baby.

It is not a lot of money and it is not everything that the baby will ever have in his or her life but the point is that the person born will have this nice buffer when old enough.

The plan is to keep the wallet keys until our kid is old enough to manage their Hive account and the accompanying finances. However, the only way this can be achieved is through proper parenting.

I've always been good with money my whole life. Back when I was a kid, I use to actually save, and then loan money to my elder brothers that paid me back with interest.

This was the first time it clicked in my head that money brings money and the only way to make money is to have money. After a while, I did some marketing of my services to my close family, always looking for people to loan my savings and pay me back with interest.

I was less than 9 years old at the time and for what it's worth, it wasn't a lot of money to the people borrowing it. However, that didn't matter to me because I was making a profit.

I grew up in a big family with a variety of characters inside, so I didn't have to look outside for revenue. With 5 elder siblings and two parents, I already had my market set.

Lucky for me, I unconsciously got financial education through interactions with my family members. I never received outright financial education growing up, I learnt the value of money unconsciously through savings, lending, managing it and sometimes earning it from doing certain tasks for my siblings.

Financial education

These days, the concept of money has evolved far beyond what it was 20-25 years ago. There are also emerging assets and a variety of ways to make money as well.

As a parent, there's the tendency to protect your kid from sensitive information. That sensitive information also includes your finances and all that.

People always feel we should "let kids be kids" and not bother them with the serious stuff in life. I understand that school of thought but I don't totally agree with it because I think kids need to be aware of their reality.

If we're being honest, they actually stop being kids once they become teenagers, because at that point they start evolving adult-like features both physically and mentally. So that means, in reality, they spend only a very short period of their life as kids anyway.

In countries like America, kids are thought about guns, sex and all that stuff but financial education seems to be lacking, or at least that I what I heard.

In Nigeria, financial education is a part of society but many people ignore it. You see, most of us grow up poor, so we just have to learn how to manage finances. It's a sink or swim situation.

Crypto education

If you intend to leave generational wealth for your kids in crypto then it is only right that they know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and all the other related topics.

What's the point of having assets in crypto if your kids won't appreciate it and manage it properly?

The solution is a slow and conscious indoctrination into the crypto lifestyle from an early age. Create a Hive account for your kids, teach them how to manage their keys, tell them the worth of their crypto and give them a surface understanding of how the market works.

I'm not saying you should deprive kids of the things that are fun but if you're going to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars to pay for your kids' phones, monthly internet bills, laptops and all that, then they might as well learn the value of money through crypto.

Hive is good for your children

What better place to learn about the value of crypto and money as a whole than through Hive?

Hive is a social network by design and also has a variety of features, that includes the constantly growing community that your progeny could gain knowledge of.

Obviously, you'll have to observe their activities on hive but that's pretty much what you'd be doing anyway, since they would be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a bunch of other platforms where information is shared.

At least on Hive, they'll be learning financial education, the importance of managing money, protecting their keys and gaining all the knowledge that is required to potentially manage anything you leave for them when your time on earth is over.

Hive is a nice foundation to seamlessly and effortlessly learn about crypto. Curiosity will make the child explore, eventually learning about exchanges, NFTs and everything in between, thus ensuring that your progeny always have something to fall back on.

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Thanks to its gamification, and the complexity of the Hive's whole ecosystem's tokenomics, kids may have a huge chance to learn good things here.

If they can understand Hive, they can adapt that information to any other blockchain and even exchanges

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This is a beautiful content, i really want to know more about the crypto world as i hve less knowledge of it..i just really want to be detailed in the crypto world.....

You're in the right place to learn

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okay what are the steps to learning this...i am quite interested

That’s great man! I’m glad that you and your wife started an account already for the unborn baby. I think that’s crucial and I’ve started one for my son as well! It’s not got a whole lot in there but I plan on putting at least 1$ a week in HBD savings and have been able to keep that up for a while. I’m going to work on trying to power up at least 10 HP a month too so that we get the 3% interest on that, with eventual hopes of getting curation rewards on things. He’s got a long way to go before I show him about hive and all that.
Social media and children are incredibly dangerous combinations and ones that should never be taken lightly. From past experience of people we know, ALWAYS take a child’s phone at night. Ours isn’t old enough to have one thankfully but until they are probably 16 or something one always has to take their phone when they go to bed, and any other device they can use. I can’t tell you how many scenarios we know of with teenage suicide due to bullying online when the parents are asleep. It’s heart breaking and one of the most awful things to experience but sadly too common. One of our former friends was a police detective and they made sure to let us know that if there is one single thing we remember about our friendship is that we need to remember to take a child’s phone at night. Sorry to get off topic in a depressing way but it’s an important message I think.

Financial education is definitely important and one that we are working on ourselves with our little man! We actually found a really good children’s book series called the Tuttle Twins and they’ve got such good lessons about money, the limited role government should have in our lives and personal responsibility. One of our best book investments in my opinion! There is definitely lacking a lot in financial education for kids though. Thankfully some states are promoting more traditional values and education. Florida passed a bill that requires financial education for high school kids and I think that’s great! The more we can teach the kids on how to manage things the better. They don’t need to learn more about Shakespeare and shit, they need to learn how to manage their money!

When I was a teacher in 2017, there was a 12 year old that got an "online boyfriend". He was like 18 or 19 and she claimed they were "in love. When the story came out because she was always sleeping in class and her grades were suffering, all hell broke loose and she was talking about suicide. In my conversation with her, she mentioned that she use to spend late nights "chatting with him on facebook". There's a lot of crazy shit on the internet.

Honestly, kids get a lot of "protection" from teachable moments and then are ironically exposed to things that they really shouldn't be bothered about.

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good stuff

as always :)

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Thank you

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Totally agree with you. Although, sometimes it is difficult for children to explain that a lot depends on reputation and they get upset when their posts go unnoticed) and they lose interest in developing their blog, like all children who love gifts). I have three children in the hive and sometimes it is difficult for them to find the right community to post. I think that over time, as the Hive gets bigger and the number of communities for kids that are suitable for kids increases, these moments will disappear.

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It takes time and consistency. Hive could actually teach them patience, and better relation with people in the process.

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I absolutely agree with you, but it is difficult for children to explain why they did not find toys under the Christmas tree)

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do you deposit stables or the volatile ones for the future baby?

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Stables, HBD to be precise. We keep it all I'm savings, so my baby's compounding 20% APR as well.

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Only if you listen to @belemo.

Following his account will increase your IQ by 20 points. That was proven by NASA, Cambridge University, and a tribe of aborigines in Australia.

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You always speak facts 🤝

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I love the idea and I also wish it was a kid when I found Hive and splinterlands.
How I look at all the money I spend on Asphalt 8 now.

I wanted a place to invest in and I also wanted fun along with it.
I might have to share it at that time into 70/30 which 70% will be splinterlands and 30% will have been Hive.

One of the best ways to teach kids how to save is to borrow from them.
I say this because I know I was a heavy saver because I knew that people are relying on my money to use and payback. another thing i that since they borrow from me, that means the money is not there with me which means I will not spend it when am tempted to burn everything on some toy or unhealthy food 🍲. that's how I got the saving spirit in me.

That worked for me, although I use to buy unhealthy food sometimes or spend it on video game CDs

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Hive is a place where not only the adult learn but also a place the future information are stored on blockchain for our children to use. Nice one

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Yup. Kids can learn without the toxicity of the wider crypto industry

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Wondering why you show up as muted in my feed now. Is that something I did somehow?

edit: Yes, it was me apparently. Still learning and must have somehow hit the mute button. I thought some community was muting the post for some reason.

Glad it's been sorted out

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Hahaha I'm picturing little Belemo the loan shark.

Did you ever have to chase up payments? ;)

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I didn't have to. We live in the same house after all. Although, there were times when I'd have to report to my parents and maybe cry a bit but I always got paid 😆

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Very cool idea bro, a Hive account waiting for a future child. I got my kids started a bit late, but I'm always reminding my oldest daughter that if she posts 5 days a week and invests wisely, she'll never have to work a day in her life past the age of 18. This experiment started out well, but now she's nearly a teen and only posting a few days a week only if I nag her.

I do hope she realizes this potential before it's too late. Even here in our village, there are kids half her age who find meat for their family with a slingshot each day. I guess I should give thanks for the little things, at least they're not wasting they're time on TikTok or Facebook.

Man those TikTok videos grind my gears lol.

You have to reach out to the little ones, hopefully they'll try to grow their protfolio.

Tbh, it's really difficult to teach young ones about the importance of slow and steady growth. Ironic that when they're older and have less time, that's when they'll realise the importance.

In any case, ensure they have some HBD and Hive staked that's growing

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