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Building a splinterlands deck can be quite stressful because there are so many options and most often than not, there are limited funds to invest in the game. This fact, combined with the constant development in the game makes it a dynamically difficult task to pick the right cards to buy.

For whatever it's worth though, investing in cards can be very rewarding in multiple folds. Adding new members to your deck pretty much adorns your collection but at the same time, it also has the potential to improve your battle capacity.

There are different reasons why people buy certain splinterlands cards. I summarised it into two broad categories that I'll briefly discuss below.

Eye on the money

One reason I can think of is the potential of flipping a certain card for profit. This is a concept that I've applied over the ages and it has served me well.

In a similar way to how you'd view any asset, splinterlands cards have their "periods" and it is possible to actually time the market to squeeze out proper gains.

SPlinterlands might be a game on one hand but judging by the insane amount of money that's been flowing through it, it's safe to say that it's also an investment opportunity. So, thanks to this, one could actually time assets based on their market behaviors and make a profit.

It is the age-old concept of "buy low and sell high" that virtually everyone affiliated to crypto knows about. However, with these NFTs, there's no certainty, since the market is solely based on your perception.

In splinterlands though, there are certain observable trends that are based on market behaviors. Sometimes it might be due to recency bias, unique abilities like halfing alchemist or otherwise.

The point is that if you're in it for the trading profit, you could leverage the system to flip cards for profit. Also, since cards can also be put up for rent, you have the option of buying certain cards, putting them up for rent, and earn passive income from them.

It's about the battles

Rank battles can be quite rewarding, especially in the times we find ourselves in. The high value of DEC has led to more competition and so if you want to keep battling, you have to buy more cards.

As I mentioned in an earlier observation, money is not the only factor that determines the outcome of batles, however, it is important. So, if you want to rise up the ranks and earn more from battles, you have to invest.

Here's the thing though, you can't do more than yourself, so you have to cut your coat to your size. Also, you have to focus on your strengths, instead of trying to "diversify" too early.

FOr example, if you have stronger cards in Fire Splinter, then focus on upgrading the monsters and summoners there, rather than trying to improve another splinter with a lower prospect. In the long run, this will have a positive effect on your deck because your strong point will eventually be the foundation that you build your other splinters on.

In summary

I try to strike a balance between both sides of the coin in the upgrade of my deck. This means that I've invested in improving my battle capacity and also flipped cards that I got at a lower price.

To flip cards, I simply observe the trends and reactions surrounding certain assets. Other times, I just go with my gut and load up on the monster, hoping that something good will happen along the way.

Alas, my gut has been the major contributor to my development and while it might seem like luck, my gut is actually guided by my personal experiences in the game. As you know, "gut" isn't something that can be taught but in terms of splinterlands, it is possible to develop your own gut-based strategy after spending time in the game.

So at the end of the day, the most important thing you can do for yourself and your deck is to focus on your unique needs and try to work accordingly. I believe that if you invest in cards that will either improve your battle capacity or can be flipped for profit, then you simply can't go wrong.

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You skills that is cosigned with knowledge, thnx for this analysis

It's a nice analysis, and definitely some topic I'm really interesed in.
I believe there is not a lot of investment topics in these socials, so any insights are very welcome. Hope to read more in this line... thanks a lot !

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