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In my quest for internet supremacy, I have been striving to improve my Searchability and one way has been to write certain guides in Leofinance. In the guides, I've also been applying SEO tricks to improve my Searchability and it's been paying off.

As you know, appearing on the first page of a Google search is dependent on a host of factors. One of the main factors are your keywords and how you manipulate them to ensure you have a rich publication.

"How to earn crypto without trading in Nigeria"

When it comes to crypto and searching, the word "earn" is highly competitive. So getting your piece of the pie and appearing in the first page requires something special.

This is why I was very excited when I found out that if you search for "how to earn crypto without trading in Nigeria" my Leofinance post that talks about different ways to earn from crypto pops up in the first page. Ironically, if you make the same search and you remove "in Nigeria", the article no longer shows up in the search.

The competition for Google ranking is stiff, so getting higher up requires a lot of work and strong SEO in your website.


We're still down in terms of Alexa ranking, and that might be a challenge for people trying to break into the top pages of Google search.

"How to book flights and hotels with cryptocurrency in Nigeria"

This was another post that did quite well in Google search ranking. In fact, if you look at the bigger picture, it was a kind of a hit in the search rankings.

If you search for "how to book flights with cryptocurrencies" the article that discussed how to book flights using Travala shows up in the second page. However, if you broaden the search a little bit by searching for "how to book flights and hotels with cryptocurrency" my article is the fifth link that pops up.

This represents a victory for me and I appreciate everyone who helped me achieve it. The upvotes were very helpful because they ensure more clicks within the community and invariably, more views that boost the link.

Playing my part

Getting into top page of searches also counts as some sort of advertisement for leofinance and Hive as a whole.

I'm going to be writing similar kind of articles to boost our searchability and hopefully attract new faces to the community. I'll also be updating these articles from time to time, to ensure they remain among the top searches.

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Great work. Just remember that it's not the final rankings. It usually takes ~6 weeks for the final rankings, which can be improved with on-going SEO. Also, Google is a personal search engine which will tailor your search results to your searches and clicks. That being said, you're doing an awesome job and I truly believe that optimized content will help us tremendously in the long haul.

Don't be discouraged in case it drops in rankings after a few weeks though.

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Thanks mate. I'll try to update them from time to time, so that night refresh their SEOness

Congrats! This is for you 🏆

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thank you ser :*

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Amazing buddy! Thats some good shit :D

Thanks bro

Nice one!
Keep doing good.

Good job @belemo !

Fully upvoted by @hodlcommunity

Thank you for the support

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Keep up the good work brother !
Big Sign that you're putting into posting quality content . That is all we need here .
More people like you 💯

Thanks mate

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Congrats. I think I should optimize mine better but it takes longer than my usual dedicated time to do so.

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Yeah it's probably a good idea to optimise them. Also helps with promotion of leo in the long run

cool, they are going to be free campaign for leo

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This is really wonderful to see your article in the Google search top pages. You have covered a lot of topic which is related to cryptocurrency and your country Nigeria. thank you very much

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Yeah. The topics also covers for other countries though. I just focus on Nigeria to streamline the search

How lovely...SEO hard work giving good results.

Hopefully it stays this way

Wow that's amazing, we Nigerian will pray to get a leader worthy to see beyond what he sees.
You're write-up is cool so far.

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Dope bro.. I need to learn more from you

Well done! I've occasionally seen on top of search resutls too. Hive ecosystem has been a great place for SEO!

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