There's no "easy money" in the crypto industry

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A lot of normies see what's going on in the crypto world from the outside and they really think we're selling a pipe dream. I mean, even if it is a pipe dream, it is refreshing because at least it is a different pipe dream that the government has been selling mankind for hundreds of years.

I saw a tweet by a famous journalist in Nigeria that talked about how people on social media blatantly lie about how easy it is to make quick cash with crypto and NFTS. He highlighted the weird sale of that particular punk that went for 8000 ETH or something like that as an example.

In his tweet, he alluded to something sketchy going on in the background. I use to have this same view in the past but after experiencing the thrill of minting my own punk, and also buying a piece of art on Splintertalk, my views differ somewhat.

Anyway, the price being bandied about for these NFT "art" sales don't make any sense but at the same time, I completely understand it. From the outside, it looks a lot easier than it is in reality.

Skin in the game

When we're describing the general crypto market, I like to use Hive community as an example. Hive has numerous social front-ends that not only serve as wallet addresses but also puts a face to the wallet.

Through hive, you can get an idea of how someone has progressed through the years, because it is all out in the open. You get to observe people who have spent years in the community, contributing and adding value to the project.

For example, if I went on Twitter and posted that @tarazkp makes upwards of $540 a week from publishing on Hive alone without context, they'll think it comes easy. However, the reality is that people like him serve as a beacon of sorts.

Whenever you're free, go look at his page, then check pages of people like @edicted, @taskmaster4450 @josediccus and many other consistent creators around here. What you'll find are relentless and consistent creators that are always finding ways to improve and add value.

On top of being consistent, these individuals also have skin in the game. They invest time and resources into the system, so it is only natural that the system rewards them as well.

It is never easy

When you think about the wider crypto community, you'll find that there are people that have been growing their portfolios and personalities in the crypto community for many years. So, if one of them sells a random NFT for thousands of ETH, I guess we could liken it to skin in the game on hive.

The best among us make it look easy but in reality, a lot of thought and effort goes into making it work. If you had been around when they started the journey and compare it to now, you'll find an interesting story, to put it lightly.

There's no such thing as "easy" money. Growing in any field requires hard work, consistency and dedication, and it is no different in the crypto industry. Anybody that tells you differently is lying.

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Leaving this get rich fast mentality is the first step to be able to get reliable income from crypto.

You are completely right, it's a lot of work, but it's honest and rewarding work


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It would be interesting to see a before/after compilation of Hive whales and orcas :)
Maybe an example of payouts over time (as a symbol of rewards the chain has given them) or quality of posts or something like that.

Actually if you're up for it @belemo I can try making such a graph of your payouts, post length, or otherwise if I can find a way to interact with PeakD's API :) Would you be interested in that? If you look at my few posts, I mostly do data analyses & graphs so this is right up my alley if I can get the data in my hands
Also, as a long-time Hiver do you think it would be socially OK to add other Hivers to these graphs, or should I ask for permission from them first?

Nice article and so true. I definitely need to be more consistent.

You are definitely right up there with all of the others in consistency!

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Is never easy and your level of consistency has to be from another level.

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