Will you sell all your crypto to keep your family safe?

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Nigeria is a fucked up country and I live in it. The country is in a dire state, run by incompetent assholes that don't give a rat's ass.

Yesterday, I was very excited about visiting Abuja and watching the match between Nigeria and Ghana. Sadly, only an hour after publishing that post, the train that we would have used to get to Abuja from Kaduna was attacked by terrorists.

It was a huge shock for me and for a while, I was hoping it was not true. I saw the news from a source on Twitter and just stared at my phone's screen for minutes, hoping that perhaps it was old news or something.

We don't know how many people were physically hurt but we know damn well that the entire 970 people on board the train will be traumatised by this occurrence. It marks yet another low in this country that is constantly hitting new lows.

The terrorists detonated explosives on the train tracks and shot an unconfirmed number of rounds at the train. We don't know for sure how many people were killed in the event but it is a very grim situation.


In shameful attempt to mask the severity of this occurrence, the railway corporation described it as an "unforeseen circumstance".

Selling crypto is a sacrifice I must make

This is the reason why I've decided to double down on our plan to leave Nigeria. We were originally planning to do it organically, but seeing how the danger keeps coming close, we'll expedite the process with some loans.

There's no sensible reason why we should continue living in this country right now. There's no single system that actually works remotely close to how it should, we have to leave.

Leaving the country is going to require making certain tough decisions. However, there's not much else I can do to ensure the safety of my family.

For starters, a lot of my crypto assets will have to be sold to fund the move. Considering that we intend using the education route to leave, we'll need to pay for a lot of fees, rent, travel costs and stuff.

Based on the requirement, this transaction is most likely going to drain up to 70-80% of my entire portfolio. I hoped that I'd be able to stall for some years, grow my portfolio and hopefully it will have a smaller effect but that's not possible right now.

If we intend to leave the country this year, I'll have to sell off a decent chunk and work even harder to accumulate more. So please, if you have writing gigs, please contact me, I'm very available and I deliver promptly.

I need all the money and crypto I can get to get this across the line. I know that I'll get it all back in the future but for now, I have to prioritise our safety and well being.

The train incident was yesterday evening but it could easily have happened this morning and we would have been one of the victims of this fucked up country. What's the point of having crypto, if I can't keep my family safe?

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Yo man, just read your wife's post. Please stay safe.
I think the whole world is going to get a bit messy, but I believe everyone should have freedom of movement and so I totally support your decision to leave whenever you wish. If you want to talk about living abroad and ideas about how to do it let me know. I will be glad to share what I know.

I am happy in Japan but its not an easy or cheap place to settle down in. I hope to stay here but I'm always thinking about a backup plan or a secondary base in case are successful at building up our base here.

Thanks man. So many places are fucked up right now but I honestly just want to get a semblance of normal life.

We're not living life right now, we're just like birds in a cage waiting to be killed and grilled. I want something more man.

Well for what it's worth, I think the US and a lot of other countries are going to have a mini kind of collapse, but still, even if the whole world because cages, it's still better to get out and explore, connect with new ideas and new people. That should be all of our birthright. If I know anyone where you are going I'll try to hook you up with some guides and stuff. Any information or advice you need, I'm always here.

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Crazy stuff, understand that you want to take care of yourself and your family. Where are you planning on moving to? Hope Hive be a part of making this possible.

We're most likely moving to the UK because they have looser immigration requirement for people coming through education

Wish you the best of luck with this!

hit me up when you get here. i look forward to seeing you and your family in the uk soon!

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It's a tough situation for you now.

All you can do is keep grinding and make the best plan possible. I hope you can get it all together and you will always have some good support from the wider community here. I saw the other post and thought how fucked up some paces are to live in, specially in this day and age where people should know better.

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It is really messed up man, you can't even pretend to be happy because there's always some shit lurking, just waiting to kill you or traumatise you. We already have some plans in place, we'll sort it out in the coming months.

Well it's more reasons why my family forbade anyone from going to the north, the impact of this insecurity feels more vivid there. I wish you the best of luck. I'll definitely move, mine is just going to be in 3 to 4 years time, plus maybe wife and kids possibly, its a hell hole here.

It's the entire country man. Security issue is just one of many issues we're facing.

It is, I've had my fair share of this. It's is obvious this country is done for.

Bro!! I’m still traumatized about the incident, it could have been any one and any where in Nigeria. This is really sad man, I also don’t mind selling my crypto holdings to leave this country and start a fresh. There is no life in this country.

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This morning, all the people in a bus were kidnapped at Sapele. It is crazy

I schooled close to sapele, just another proof that no where is safe in this country

I'm sorry but this cracked me @readthisplease

I schooled at sapele...I died!

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I got a spot in Puerto Rico if you need a place to crash for a while..

Thanks man. Definitely keeping that as part of our options.

All the best! Family first. 👍🏻

You're on track jor. What's the essence of keeping crypto assets safe if you can't keep your family safe. I saw the news last night and i was very saddened. Worse thing is that there are still many insecurity incident that never get to the media so we know not of.

Nigeria is doomed!!! And it is folly to remain here if you have the means and resources to leave (not in all cases though). But I commend your decision to exit as soon as you can. I don't know which country is on your mind to go to. But I wish you and your family well wherever it is you choose to go. And if by chance it is Canada, you may just check out oluseyi obasi for some guidance... to the best of my knowledge, she has helped so many people relocated to Canada from Nigeria. Best regards!

Thanks Emma, we're considering UK now. We've made preliminary arrangements towards it.

That's great.👍
I wish you best of luck!

Of course I would sell all my cryptos if my family's safety and well being was at risk or was jeopardized.

I like to have my portfolio in crypto and I don't want to get rid of it, however in a situation of need I would not hesitate to sell it in order to provide security and well-being to my family.

Fortunately as I live in Portugal in terms of security and stability I can't complain at all but if something changes selling my portfolio would be my least headache.

Please how can I reach you privately? I'd like to get some information about moving to Portugal because it is one of our options.

I'd like to know about the options and opportunities available.

Feel free to reach me at discoord


Very interesting post



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That's horrible, man! I'm sorry people in Nigeria have to suffer like that.

I wish you all the best moving out and I'm sure you'll be back on your feet in no time, such is the beauty of crypto.

I would definitely sell all my crypto if that was the price to keep my family safe. That's one of the main reasons why I'm building my wealth in the first place.


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For sure crypto can save not only our financial freedom but also our family in real life if we put it to good use. And what is great about it is that even if you spend it ALL, you can always REBUILD and grind back with more energy than ever!

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Fuck the crypto, save your ass! You'll be able to always earn more of it. Where do you plan on moving?

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We have UK in our plan right now. We'll be applying for school.

I'm also discussing potential of moving to Portugal.

Portugal seems nice but the language is crap.
Check your wallet ;)

Thank you so much my bro. I appreciate. I'll add it up to my escape from Nigeria funds.

Good luck! Stay safe.

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Seems like Nigeria is a pretty metal place to live.
You've been over it for quite some time.
Hopefully we get a nice summer bull run for your exit liquidity.

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I'm only physically here tbh. Mentally, I've exited this country.

The security issues making me worry about the safety of my body catching up with my mind.

One of the people that died in this recent incident was a medical doctor that was scheduled to exit the country in a couple of weeks.

She took a two hour trip on the train and got shot in the stomach.

That is crazy messed up.
I don't know anything about the politics in Nigeria.
But I'm sure the corruption runs deep.

Also, why target a passenger train?
Truly hard to understand these motivations.

It was random shooting. They wanted to kidnap people and she got hit by strays

I hear you can't even drive on the roads because those kidnappings are so common.
Crazy shit.

Yup. So here's the thing. They attacked the airport last week, and then attacked the trai yesterday, technically forcing people to use roads, so they can kidnap in the hundreds.

I'm sorry I am not in a position to help. I will be praying for you and your family to be safe and to get out.

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Thanks mate. I appreciate

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I don't know what to say because I am currently angry about this country. I am even praying for Ghana to win. Everything irks me.

Lol your prayer was answered. Should have probably prayed for 25$ hive instead

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I will start the fasting.

Do what you've gotta do to keep your family safe.

Money is all just a means to an end.

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Thanks mate. Hopefully we'll be out this year. Man I'd be so glad if we got a solid pump in the coming weeks.

Sometimes life's timing overrules crypto's timings. It would be nice to be able to sit and wait for good trading opportunities - but if now is the time to go, now is the time to go. No regrets, no looking back. You got this!

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Gotta do what we have to do


Safety first.

Sorry to hear about the attack. So sorry man.

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Hope you could move out soon to a safer place.
I could never imagine living in such a bleak environment where safety is not guaranteed.

Good luck.
Wish you all the best.

Sorry to hear that man…all my folks from naija tell me it’s crazy out there. It’s unfortunate if some of your crypto has to be sacrificed but u have to do what’s best for u and your fam.
Just an idea…if it really comes down to liquidating your portfolio, u may want to look into an getting a collateralized loan thru an established platform like AAVE. U can comfortably take out a loan of up to around 60% your collateral w/ little to nothing interest.
Best wishes to u and yours

Fuck man. This is such bullshit we guys are facing in the third world. Cannot imagine how you guys must be feeling right now. To answer your question, I would sell all of my crypto to keep my family safe. Would do anything for them actually. Because that's the most important asset I have.

Although it's not easy for anyone to leave their homeland but I hope you have all the strength to do that for your and your family's future. Crowdfund your exit if you have to. I am pretty sure many Hivers would love to help you do that. More power to you my man!!!!

Stay safe. Sending love from India. ❤️‍🔥

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Try to keep yourself safe and I hope your move goes well. You can always rebuild your crypto after your and your family's wellbeing is secured.

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I can totally understand your shock. Its a traumatizing experience.

My husband and I have been looking at Portugal too for the following reasons

  1. Security: they are rated one of the best.
  2. Good education for our little angel.
  3. Superb health care structure
  4. No NEPA situation. If you know, you know.
  5. Affordable cost of living
  6. Great weather.

We are both upping our digital skills to allow us work from anywhere in the world because we are going through D7 visa.

We ready, na the money remain and e must come. This year it is by God's grace.

@belemo and wifey, please kept safe out there.

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I would like to know about this D7 route. Can I get a link pretty please? @ozohu

Sure. Will be back with it.

Follow this youtube channel - immigrate with Ami . she's a Nigerian that lives in Portugal. Her husband went through study route and she followed months later.

Portugal is so easy and more affordable to process.

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Thank you. Will check her out

This sort of near death experience can radically change one's perceptive. This has been troubling me since yesterday.

Well, I plan to leave before the election with my partner. I was contemplating starting a family here while we raise enough capital to leave but at this point, I am going all out. There is no point risking it all for nothing.

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Guy I had a slightly similar plan. I wanted to rough it a bit until I have enough funds but right now, nah, no way around it.

I'll sell everything to get out of this place. I'll slowly get it all back eventually.

Do what you have to man. I am applying for express entry this year and keeping my fingers crossed.

Nice. I hope it works out. We gotta get out of there

I'm wishing the absolute best for you. At least HODL few things like xPOLYCUB that will grant you loans based on your holdings. I will be sending you some votes along the way. Best of Luck!

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Thanks man. Yeah I'll hold XPolycub and leave my Cub farm active. That might be the only assets that survive

That is fucking crazy! I wish you all the luck you can get and more green candles so that you can sell less. Stay strong, man!

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Need them green candles and a big win bro. I need around $15K to be on the safe side.

Fingers crossed! Sent you all the liquid Leo and Hive I had, it's nothing much but if everyone does that, we can help you.

Thanks man, I appreciate the support.

Do what you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe man! We can build portfolios back but can’t do that if you get into a life or death situation!

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You said it yo. Will do right by my family

Unfortunately it is a situation that we can all live at any time, Bro I am very sorry for what is happening to you, I hope you and your wife can stay safe and achieve your goal, in fact I think that there is no amount of money that buys life, so any sacrifice is worth the thought and although my vote is worth almost nothing I will give you my support.

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Thanks Fabian, I appreciate the vote and I'll do my best to be worthy of the vote.

Hope you are able to get this done and get safe man, crypto earnings were meant to change lives, even if the circumstances are grim you are using your holdings for a life changing purpose.

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Gotta do what I gotta do. I appreciate Rob. Thanks for the support

I'm so sorry to hear this news!
If I were you, I would do everything to keep my family safe.
Wish all the best to you and your family, and make the move.

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Hope everything goes well for you and your family...

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First of all, I'm sorry for what happened. Family is out most important asset and I'd sell to protect them; that's the goal of accumulating wealth, to have the means to guarantee safety in the future. As long as you and your family are healthy and safe there's always the chance to work a rebuild.

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Good luck to you! Every country is looking is messed up right now, but it looks like one dirty shirt to another with a little less filth. You crypto should be used to better your family and life. Savings are for those things.

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I have spent time in Lagos... but a long time ago. People from 1st world countries can only try to understand but are in most cases unable to comprehend. On the other hand, the entire world is currently falling fast...

I don't know how you handle the heat man! It's crazy hot there!

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Boss even me.planning to leave the fucking country because of what's happening in the country.

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Sounds like selling your crypto and moving is the Best ROI you will ever get. All the best to you and your family, stay safe.

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The train attack was a very terrible occurrence. I feel sorry for the families that lost their loved ones.

About crypto, sometimes we don't feel like selling because we're thinking long term but if the need arises, I don't think one should hold back.

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Gosh! Hope everything works out! I've got many issues with my government too. It's not as bad as yours. But I partially feel your status. I'll support you with some votes and reblogs. That should at least help a little to pay for tiny things like internet. Hope everything turns out well for you :)

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It’s really sad, I don’t know where we are heading to!. But regardless moving out it’s definitely the plan.

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Stay safe my friend this is very scary and sucks to hear you have to sell most of your portfolio to pay for this.

I hope you find somewhere safe and secure for your family. Hoping you can find some work here on hive that will be able to pay you to help with this massive move.

All the power to you and praying for your safety and success with this move.


Obviously quality of life and personal security must be your priority when making this decision...the blockchain is universal, it has no borders, it is a space of freedom and growth in which both you and your family will surely find the peace, security and abundance you are looking for right now.

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Safety first, crypto second. Wish you luck on your journey! !BEER !LUV

Sorry to hear about this. It just sounds so crazy, it’s hard to believe how much the world is just coming apart at the seams. Many countries don’t even have basic safety and rule of law. God Speed getting your family out of the country.

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