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If you could see the future you would be rich, and hindsight is always 20/20, but to my knowledge there is no one that can do that. So you have to make educated guesses at the future in the stock market. I have heard it described as seeing the right side of the chart. Not necessarily the right side, but the right side as in left and right.

One thing in my trading I always extend my chart so I have empty space on the right where I can make drawings of what I think will happen. image.png

For example, here is a chart of apple that I have put a gray area on it, of where I expect the stock to go, but now is time to try and see the future again.

If you look and see the long term trend line, we popped pretty good off of that, but we also have the 200 day moving average under that. I feel those are pretty good support, but I am personally going to wait and see if we break those. The market seems to be pretty spooked with interest rates moving up here, and if we break past those. Could be in for a long way down, and I don't like to get stuck holding the bag, unless I am caring stuff for my wife.

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I think it will respect the trend 📈
And The price will go up slowly

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Hi @bigram13

In the crypto market educated guesses have always impact market behavior, excellent strategy leave a blank space forces us to find more options that can trigger the next behavior.

Yours, Piotr