Leo Pumps To $1 and Markets Move

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I could have sworn we would have seen $50,000 bitcoin however for some reason the market just isn't after that milestone for some reason.

What is happening however is money is being pumped into alt coins and we have some friendly coins making massive strides right now.


LEO Pumps to over $1 each making my target of $5 look very possible. Just imagine when project blank launches and Defi becomes a thing.

We also saw Hive itself pump nearly 100% taking us up to $0.40 each. Leo is tied to hive the most and not so much Ethereum as of yet. However from the sounds of it Hive and Leo could be getting their own type of DeFi project rolling here soon which could bring A LOT of attention our way since that is currently a very hot topic.

Plus the way Hive and Leo works it should mean that the systems can handle these apps well and we wont see massive fees like we are seeing on Ethereum currently with the limited block rewards. This in turn if the system/blockchain can handle it bring more and more traction our way which is going to make that $1 per Leo look like a drop in the bucket.


Project Blank

*This is not official it's simply what I heard and picked up from the Youtube video meeting from LeoFinance yesterday.

Project blank should be announced within the next 5 days. In which you will have about two weeks to make decisions as to where you want you Leo tokens, Miners and WLEO and what benefits it will have when the snapshot is taken place.

This is a core difference compared to most other airdrops in that the snapshot is announced AFTER the fact. Since this is before and gives you some time to make moves I see this as a super pump in Leo's price here in the next few days which should hold rather well since most people will want as much as possible in their accounts for when the snapshot takes place.


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Thanks for the update Sean!

So great!

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Can't wait for Project Blank

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