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RE: HBD Interest Payouts for March 2021. Coinbase May Want to List Hive/HBD Now.

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When HBD is over $1 it really doesn't make much sense to hold it and instead selling it off for Hive makes more sense since there is a huge push right now to bring it stable to $1. I would suspect that being the reason so many didn't take part in it.

Also how does it even work? How long do I actually have to hold the HBD should it auto compound all the time like powered up hive does? Or do I need to sit on it all month before seeing it or if I hold it for a hour does it still earn?

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I still don't understand why they started issuing interest on HBD which in theory should encourage holding HBD, when their main goal is to bring down the price of HBD to the $1 peg. Now, it seems like it is more about making profits for the stakeholders/platform rather than a peg. I am not really sure.

Crypto is strange. As we speak HBD is still trading close to $2. I will still hold some, just to see what happens.

As far as how long you need to hold to get interest, I have no idea. HP curating rewards would return more than 3% anyway.

I'm right there with you. Either fix the damn HBD thing once and for all by doing what needs to be done on the development side or just leave it be and do something more productive.