Splinterlands Chaos In A Week What To Expect

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Splinterlands Chaos In A Week What To Expect

In just one weeks time we will be getting phase 2 of Chaos packs another 2 million packs will be up for sale brining us to a total of 3 million of the 15 million packs. The full announcement can be read here https://www.splintertalk.io/@splinterlands/chaos-legion-release-and-second-pack-sale but in this article I want to go over what we can expect from this next round.

What's Different From Prelaunch Airdrop To Now

With the last airdrop we have a steady voucher drop of 1 million. From this one million we know that vouchers ended up being around $17 worth in value. You needed a voucher to buy a $4 pack and with that $4 pack you got a number of benefits

  • A prelaunch only card
  • Airdrop points for all cards moving forward
  • A few of the highest buyers get to design their own summoner card and get maxed regular and gold foil editions of it

With this next phase it will be one month long however no bonuses besides getting more spots for airdrop cards after every 1 million packs sell. But the biggest kicking I think is that we finally get to both OPEN packs and use them in battle.

SPS (Splintershards)

SPS is yet again as it should be be used for the airdrop of vouchers. This time airdrops will be happening at 2x the rate compared to pre-launch. The big difference we will have with SPS however this time around is that the 10% sale for buying packs with SPS wont be a thing anymore.

This has me curious about the value of SPS. Will it increase the value of it as people will most likely hold on to it and not sell if off for the 10% discount?

DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)

DEC is the in game currency of splinterlands. A part of me feels like the DEC value is going to increase over the next month as more people use it to buy packs. I'm not sure how many will use credits to buy packs so I'd actually be curious to see those numbers from the splinterlands team. One of the BIGGEST kickers as well is the introduction of only being able to buy packs with Credits. You can exchange your DEC or SPS to credits to buy packs which is going to make an interesting pack opening which I'm curious if it will bump the price of DEC as more gets converted into credits. There's alot of new aspects to this next month of voucher drops and packs.

Voucher Value

There will be a total of 2 million more vouchers airdropped which can be used to buy packs over the next month. However there's other features this time around that we didn't have in Alpha.

Since vouchers can only buy packs during this phase they still hold value. However there's no real bonuses for them as such as the prelaunch. This in itself leads me to believe vouchers would be valued at half $6-$10 range.

However there's a BIG kicker and that's the opening of packs. The opening of packs is going to drive up a lot of hype as people start writing about it, playing the new cards on live streams, possible tournaments with them and posts. This I feel might end up being more powerful then the Alpha release and makes me think we could see vouchers upwards around $15 - $20 again as demand grows for them.

What are you thoughts on the SPS price and Voucher price?

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I think voucher price is going to fall, to below $10. maybe even sub $5 by end of this phase. Just a guess!! !PIZZA

I will be buying the packs with credits as I moved some HIVE over and took profits when HIVE was $3. I choose to do so because the VOUCHERS pre-sale fully funded my purchase.

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Thank you for this info, I'm new to Splinterlands and really enjoying it.


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I think $15-20 for VOUCHERs in phase 2 is VERY bullish. I expect them to fall to $10 or below since the phase 2 buyers are not getting any added incentives other than two (currently unknown) airdrop cards. I also don't think there is any bonus or discount associated with the second phase either so most buyers will probably wait for the general sale.

If I can get $15-20 for VOUCHERs, I'll be selling them as fast as they are dropped to me!