Earn ETH with LEO ??? omg !

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Saw this new update on LEOFINANCE.IO and I'm pretty excited with it. As you may already know LEOFINANCE.IO is powered by HIVE-ENGINE and its by far one of the more innovative dapps out there.

With a magnitude of users just dishing out articles on cryptos and opinion pieces of trades and so much more .. its already a very active community behind LEOFINANCE.

With this new update .. you can now claim your LEO directly into ETH !!! Now thats something really new and I would think with this update alone, it may attract more users to get onto this platform and start posting their thoughts and ideas here.

leo to eth.JPG

To the team at LEOFINANCE ... great job and keep up the amazing work !!

Have a great weekend

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At some point, I would guess it will be a direct ETH-LEO (or vice versa) swap. This will likely use wLEO where one can seamlessly go back and forth between the two tokens.

It will be interesting to see what else rolls out this week.

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exactly ... its great to know the team is on their feet always trying to improve things which gives a lot of confident to the community