Koinos Distribution Update

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  • Koin price: $0.06
  • No. wallets: 1457
  • Whale dominance: 35,3

Koin Trading Update

Koin price history on Coingecko.com:


Number addresses holding Koin:


Whale Domination

Whale Domination describes the share of tokens whales hold. For this purpose, an account holding more than 1% of total supply, is a whale. Accounts holding between 0.1% to 1% are considered investors and every account below 0.1% is viewed as retail.

A few tokens as reference:

TokenDomination [%]

Koinos has a Whale Domination quotient of 35%. 21 out of 1457 (1,4%) accounts are KOIN whales.

Whale Domination over time:


Gini Coefficient

As a measure of distribution and subsequent changes over time, we can take a look at the Gini coefficient. It is intended as a tool to measure wealth inequality within nations or other groupings. A coefficient of 0 equals a perfect equitable distribution, a value of 1 signifies maximum inequality.


The current data set yields a coefficient of 0.83, signifying a very top heavy distribution. Unchanged from the previous week.


Herfindahl-Hirshman Index

The Herfindahl–Hirschman Index (HHI) is a measure of industry concentration or competitiveness. Increases in the Herfindahl index generally indicate a decrease in competition. The scale ranges from 0 (highly competitive) to 1 (monopoly). In practice a value over 0,25 already signifies high concentration.

The current data set yields a value of 0,01. Stable compared to last week.



Koinos Website: https://www.koinos.io

Full Recording Building A Blockchain with Zero Barriers with Andrew Levine

Run a Koinos cluster from a Docker file: https://github.com/koinos

Testnet developer preview: Now LIVE: Koinos Testnet DEVELOPER PREVIEW

Testnet tutorial by @jga: Koinos: How to create a microservice in Typescript

Koinos YouTube channel

Koinos Whitepaper

Reddit r/Koinos

ERC-20 Token Mining Contract: Github

Data source: etherscan.io.

Vote for my witness: @blue-witness

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Interesting, how many Koinos does the largest whale hold?

If you have access to the information.

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The largest account holds 2,8 million. Sold down from 4,5 million.

Here are the current numbers:

hive and btc is too high

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