GitLab is not a censorship safe place

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My account on GitLab was deleted a couple of days ago.

GitLab account deleted

A few days ago, after news broke in Australia's and UK's national media of a leaked list of members of the Chinese Communist Party, I found the original list was on GitLab. This list had been available for over 3 months on GitLab.

This is what the Readme file said:

上海市黃俄黨黨員信息集合 / Shanghai CCP member DB

SHA384 (shanghai-ccp-member.csv) = ddf0943907b202fb8a5e9770e2d755fc752a62a1831fc0a9c1172155b1804fbfee19cdf5b4b31c7e37ec34baccc362c7
SHA384 (shanghai-ccp-member.db) = 612300fc76e1a196e1546d29b6ef2fe315d00560c2e168619486c0b4e7f5c7785c18b84f150712351909bae048831b61

Two nights ago the original repository was deleted as well as my clone. I had added a folder with some English translations of names. My account has been deleted too.

I wasn't asked to remove the clone. I wasn't even told to remove the clone or given any warnings.

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

I've raised a ticket with GitLab's support and it seems from the forums there that I wasn't the only one to lose an entire account because I cloned this repo.

I thought this was worth raising here on Hive so others know that GitLab is subject to deletion without warning.

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The totalitarians are at full speed these days.

Supposedly you can still get a translated copy here if you don't have one stored locally.

I say "supposedly" because with the following warning message, and my very normal desktop computer (and very paranoid browsing rules), I haven't tried it.

WARNING: this is a massive file and it is difficult to work with. Your operating system may not support it.

So Gitlab feel for the pressure from the Chinese or?

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