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RE: The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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4 th on the 4 year anniversary on hive
Cool right !

From me in the snow cheers to @cmplxty, @tattoodjay, @jfang003, @brittandjosie, @ganjafarmer, @dreemsteem, @khaleesii, @iskafan, @xplosive, and @justinparke.

And Ofcourse to the next great engagers on the long list.

Also HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you may all your wishes come true in this even year 22
@abh12345 hope the beer tastes like beer agsin, cause that means you have beaten the monster.

@melinda010100 and @good-karma for the Ecency points, always appreciated!
And yes @bulldog-joy your price is coming 😉

See you all for the next EL


Happy new year
4th on your 4th anniversary that is very cool

@tattoodjay yes isn’t it cool , always great to see people doing what is needed on the platform ,
Have a great week

Indeed its the interaction on here that make sit so special I always saY

Thank you, congratulations also.

The monster is defeating and the beer is tasting goooood again :)

Thank you as always for sponsoring the EL!

💐 Happy 4th and a happy new year! :)

Thank you! We got some snow ourselves but then it decided to get up to 50 degrees so our snowman is now dead 😭 lol

Appreciate it!

Thanks ma'am

@iskafan great job , you will be top three next week 😉

Oh really? I am moved to believe it. Thanks ma'am 🥰

I've found little time to post, but plenty time to engage lately. I'll be in Cambodian in less than 2 days now...

Hi friend happy new year, so cool Although I always do the posting first.

In Cambodia in two days that’s a surprise! For ever? Do drop by in the terminal if you can
Say hi to all the three princesses