HBD - HIVE - MARKET - POWER UP - SELF THERAPY - QUESTIONS - AND A POST ABOUT IT ALL - Maybe the strangest HivePUD post today πŸ˜‚

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Can't believe another month has passed.
We have #HivePUD day again and I refer to this post by @hivebuzz or this post by @traciyork for detailed information about the Power Up Day.

Last time @cmplxty had me know how to buy Hive with HBD on the market.

I'll take you through the process in case someone is reading this and doesn't know how to do it.
Further down you will find my Power Up.

So first I went to my wallet via PeakD which you can find when clicking the arrow next to your username and picture.

A dropdown menu opens and you can choose "Wallet".

The wallet opens and you see the following.

As you can see I had 122 HBD accumulated.

When you click on the arrow next to "SEND" a drop down menu opens where you can select "Market".

Click "Market".

You will be led to the Hive Wallet where you can login via Keychain or Hivesigner.

Enter your username and login.

Once open you can buy Hive with HBD. As you can see I bought 300 Hive with 109 HBD.

You can see the price that is asked for the Hive and the available HBD you have to buy Hive.

I started to check on the market price for Hive once in a while and this time I waited for a good price, which with 0.36 wasn't too bad.

I spend almost all my accumulated HBD on the Hive.

Click "Buy Hive" and wait until you receive a notice that the order is placed.

It is not going to be transferred immediately but you can see the "Open Orders" status below.

That is the way to buy Hive with HBD via Market.

I have some questions though and maybe someone is reading this who is able to answer them in the comments.

1) What is the difference between Hive and HBD?

2) Why does it take some time to be visible in my wallet?

3) Should I buy Hive with HBD or rather keep the HBD and buy with FIAT?

4) Does it make sense to move HBD or HIVE to "Savings" in the wallet and if so why?

Now my todays Power Up.

The reasons to do a Power up are nicely explained by the above mentioned posts. So please check them out!

I am still new in the crypto world and to be honest have little knowledge on how things really work.

Ok, I may have more knowledge than anyone not ever getting in touch with it, but compared to others I'm a toddler lol.

Anyways I staked more Tokens today with my Power up and reached the 1000 mark.


Yah little festive mood here, small fish are still fish, a saying I just made up.

The Power Up

Awesome, right?

Well, besides having more Power now, muhahahahahaha, I still have a lot to learn.

How to stake the other tokens for example, or how to trade them, or or or.

What they mean, what a good strategy for them might be, how I might be able to pay my bills with them in the future, how the markets work period.

While I have subscribed to the LeoFinance Community I still find it hard to gather information.

Sure, here and there a snippet, but I am far away from checking what everyone is talking about lol.

But thanks to @edicted and his post, I at least looked up HODL lol.

Writing this, I should start collecting information in a more study like manner.

I tend to read, understand more or less, read sth else and forget about the rest.

Anyways, If anyone likes to put me in the picture or give valuable advice or a recommendation he is more than welcome to do so lol.

Maybe I just start creating posts for the Leo community, like a first grader. You know, kinda like finding a way to learn crypto/financial things and have a motivation to do so.

It may helps me getting organized more or getting up earlier to have time to do so.

While I enjoy my journey on Hive so far, I wonder how I keep up once I need to pursue a job again. But that's a personal issue of forcing myself into personal challenges.

It is easy to just daydream and getting distracted with other things.

Gosh, that degenerates into self-therapy now πŸ˜‚.

And with this I leave you now.

What else shall I say?


Let me know what you think if you like lol.


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Happy PUD I guess. πŸ€” Sounds weird. I've never done that, I just power up whenever.

Maybe you can answer a question for me. It's 'whatever day* it is right now so I'm likely confused, I'll get over it, and eventually completely forget the whole thing ever happened...

HBD is currently valued around $1.25 on the exchanges, by marketing inside the wallet, aren't you losing 25% on the deal and could've gained 400 Hive rather than 300?

Happy HivePUD day πŸ€—

HBD is currently valued around $1.25 on the exchanges, by marketing inside the wallet, aren't you losing 25% on the deal and could've gained 400 Hive rather than 300?

Maybe, I have no clue πŸ˜‚.

But in my wallet it says HBD is worth 1.64 right now and the asked price for Hive is 0.38. If I would have gotten 300 Hive today I would have had to pay 116 HBD instead of 109 HBD the day when I bought them.

I meant to say $1.50 but then it woulda screwed up all my math and I already edited once and and and it's too early.

You probably more familiar with the wallet than I am @bulldog-joy, I've read it's not suggested to trade inside the wallet when HBD is valued over $1 but Hive is what it's all about. You're doin great.

Genuine question, that's all. To this day I've never powered down and if I'm not sending HBD to another user, it'll be converted to HP too. I just can't bring myself to do it inside the wallet when HBD is over $1.


Hmm I was thinking too what to do with HBD. The market value seems to be better but as I asked in my post, what's the difference between Hive and HBD and what is up with the savings? Lol. I don't see myself being familiar with the wallet per se. Just trying to gather information so one day I will be πŸ˜„.

Good morning btw ;)

Looks like I'm back again. Yup, It's me. I just saw you responded to my freshy but I came here first. Savings.. as you say "lol," that's what I think of savings.

HBD is a token on the Hive Blockchain. Hive fluctuates in price depending on market value. HBD is the Hive backed dollar "and should" peg $1 but doesn't. That's why the value is all over the place right now and they got that hbdburn account right now working to bring the price back down.

If you're confused right now, that makes two of us. Let's talk about music and pumps. 🎼 πŸ‘ 

Can't believe there's not a pink one

I'm not good in talking music neither pumps...and yes I am not smarter than before after what you wrote about the HBD πŸ˜….

Damnit...I just saw in the German news that they want to forbid riding motorcycles on Sundays and holiday. WTF? What else do they want to forbid here? Breathing? Gotta leave this awful country but how?

Are you for real? No really, are you?

What's the logic to banning motorcycles on Sunday? I'll only think the ridiculous idea holds merit if you tell me tourism is opening back up and the streets are gonna be crowded and they don't want anyone hurt because pubs and bars and restaurants are gonna be Packed!!I

I am so for real you wouldn't believe it. Ummm they say because of the noise πŸ€” ridiculous...

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Thanks, thanks, thanks and happy HivePud day 😁

Always good to see more fish growing! Swim! Swim! I also powered up today, but a lot less than you. I guess that means your bee will be larger than my bee this month, lol. Looking forward to some larger bees again later this year!

I want a bumblebee🐝! @hivebuzz did you hear that? πŸ˜„.

Swim!Swim! that's so cute lol, I am swimming, I am.πŸ˜‚

Why later this year and can you answer my questions about HBD and Savings? πŸ˜‡

Sorry, not an expert on the HBD and Savings.. Just figured out last month you can also convert HBD to Hive (takes 3 days) not sure if that is better or worse than selling it on market.
Later this year cause I need to make more money to invest! lol hopefully new job starting next month will help. Really disappointed that I didn't get to invest a bunch in November like I had planned (company bonuses not paid out fully) That would have been a wonderful investment to have bought at 11 cents given current prices! I knew it was going to go up. Still confident we will see even higher by next year!

That is the advice I got regarding the conversion of HBD.

I hope you're selling it on the internal market instead of actually converting it.
When you convert HBD it takes 3.5 days and you only get $1 per HBD.
HBD is worth more than $1 so you should sell it on the market.

Ahh, I've done it both ways. Didn't know the difference. Tks for the tip!

I got the tip from @edicted but now I learned from @tarazkp that

"after the next Hardfork, there are mechanisms being put in place to help stabilize it at around 1 dollar"

and what that means for the buying I don't know lol.
Maybe then you might as well just convert it.

Ahhh so much to learn here πŸ˜‚

Happy Power Up day guys.
I have been participating in Power up day from last few months and this time i don't have enough Hive to powerup and was wondering what i am going to do this time. And then i saw your post and now i know what i am gong to do today.
Thanks a lot for the great guide on conversion and power up.

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@harpreetjanda ummm you are welcome πŸ˜€. We owe the thanks to @cmplxty who taught me this last month πŸ˜„.

Btw you need a profile pic lolπŸ˜‰

Congratulations on clearing 4 digits worth of HP. Let the power grow!

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I was patiently waiting for it πŸ˜„

Lol nope, not yet. Where do I find it btw?

Found it, in the wallet under games lol

How confusing is that please? I checked but I am soooo confused with what I saw on the Dcity page that it scared me away πŸ˜‚ . I have no clue what I am supposed to do there lol.

I let DCITY be DCITY as of now lol. Glad I'm not the only one confused with their interface πŸ˜…

I will remind you that day, gotta pin that comment πŸ˜‚