It's over 9000: My Hive Power - I've hit 10k HP πŸŽ‰

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So guys I did it, I finally hit 10k Hive Power. Many thanks to everyone who has helped me to attain the goal and has been with me along this journey and made it more awesome than I could've ever asked for. Including but not limited to:

  • My Day #1 Hive friend who hasn't been deterred from hive by almost 3 years 😱 of me - @mermaidvampire
  • The Guys Who Made NFTMart - @rishi556, @foxon, @sn0n, @nachofigx and @deathwing.
  • The guys who choose to hang around with me every day and nerd out and encourage me to continue with my dumb ass projects - @foxon, @rishi556, @deathwing & @sn0n
  • That other dude who do be vibing in our discord chat doe - @edicted
  • Technical support for when my friends and I can't solve it - @someguy123
  • The random friends who there are too many to list
  • Everyone who has made the Programming Community awesome and filled it with useful content - especially @xves for pushing me to make the place better.
  • Everyone else who I've offended by not including them in this post 😁

Thanks for reading and being here on this weird, wacky and wonderful corner of the internet.
~ CA

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Well done, dude! 10K sure takes a lot of commitment and patience... hence I haven't been even near that number. πŸ˜…

Thanks. You could do it too, if you don't take Month long breaks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nah even I've dumped hive for a while and just been coding in the backrooms with no posts πŸ˜‚

Congratulations @cadawg.


Big ups to you man. Cheers to your growth

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Thank you! Onwards and upwards for us all!

Congrats mate and even if I am not near close to your social network and involvement around, I still put a target of 10,000 HP. At the moment I am at 3,700 and heading towards 4,000 and seeing such posts sharing the same goals, it keeps me motivated as well. Keep on going!

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Thank you. You'll get there, at 500HP, 10000 HP seemed like a lofty goal, as well as when I got to 8k where I stagnated a bit, but I got there.

You will make it anywhere, never doubt yourself because you get along well with everyone. You've been a mentor and everything rolled into one to me and my friends and we are glad we found you in this outskirts of the web. Hahahahaha! Congratulations, you deserve more and more!!!

Thanks for the kind words, onwards and upwards. Almost 3 years we've both been here πŸ˜…

Onward and upward!! Grats on the milestone marker.

Thank you real person and not a robot. I appreciate your comment on my post.

In all honesty, yup onwards and upwards and thank you.

This man did it. Congrats. 25k time buddy.

Thanks πŸ˜…

I also recently passed that milestone.
It is a big achievement.

Thanks for your vote for my witness. I noticed the MV had gone up a bit without new voters - must have been your power up :-)

Thanks, indeed it is. Congrats for passing it too!

Not a problem, yeah I've had that same thing happen to me before!

Congratulations on your new milestone

Thank you!

10k power wow quite the achievement, congrats man! now you just have to take us out for a dinner to celebrate :P

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Thanks. RE: The dinner - Nope, no can do chief because of social distancing rules... or rather I don't want to pay for the meal as I could spend it on hive instead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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5 figure HIVE account well done :) Now to get to that 6 figure level LOL

Thanks. I'm not gonna say it's impossible because at 500 HP / 1k HP 10k Seems impossible, but now that I've done that, surely it's possible!

Congratulations bro!!

Thanks Nathan!

Congratz buddy :D


Congratulations on your great achievement!

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Oh that's great congratulations πŸ™β¦βœŒοΈβ©


Hell yeah man keep stacking! Thats a ton of Hive to earn.

Thank you very much!

Congrats on the Double Dolphin! We need more people powering up to spread the rewards. Have to keep pushing to Make Hive Great Again (need a hat for that).


Indeed. Might scare some people off if the hat looks too similar to a certain political candidate's campaign.

Congratulations @cadawg for reaching 10 K milestone. We are in the same platform. My next goal is 20K HP

Nice, I've been told 25k is the next milestone, but whichever milestone works for you is great!