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RE: Who is Andrew Tate and how can we get him on Hive?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

To be honest, I don't want an 'influencer' to join our community just for the sake of making our Blockchain/web3 famous. I would rather seeing people who actually care about Hive itself for its technology and ecosystem. 10 unknown people but have good intentions to join is better than 1 famous people with their dumb followers which probably make our community becoming toxic like what happened to social media nowadays.


Right you are mate. Mainstream sm is filled with age da driven pieces that completely disregard the opinions of others

I completely agree. Well-known influencers with large followings tend to draw riff-raff. If Hive becomes too well known too fast, it will attract all kinds of trouble including spammers, plagiarists, and other trouble makers. It's better just to develop an organic community that is here for the community.