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RE: 183% APR On Bortus? Yes please

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Frickin bortus bro. I was lucky to get a gold foil last october when i was buying untamed packs like an animal. I would love to crack some untamed packs but im not doing much outside funds right now too.

Should rent mine out too, dont use much because its stuck level 2.



Great pull. Put that dude up for 99 and you should rent it out pretty easily right now.

Things are getting tight out there for sure. Hopefully Splinterlands will buck the trend and start contributing to my income again. I gotta say, I felt a lot more secure spending money when I moved to mexico last year and I had Splinterlands income of a few hundred dollars per day coming in. I don't expect DEC will cooperate enough to see that again but I'd love to see $50 per day so I could justify further investment.


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