Introducing the Creative Coin Fund

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A new day for Creative Coin


Image by @creativecoin

It's time.

Time for Creative Coin to become a valuable reward token for the artists on Hive.

To that end, the Creative Coin Fund has been created. The Creative Coin Fund is a curation account set up by @cliffagreen to reward artists with a large CCC upvote and support the steadily rising price of CCC.

The steadily rising price of CCC

The Creative Coin Fund will support the price of CCC in two ways:

  1. The daily market purchase of CCC
  2. The distribution of Creative Coin fund curation rewards through the CCCF investment token

The daily market purchase of CCC has already begun, using an initial investment from @cliffagreen. In the future, this market purchase will come from the sale of curation rewards earned in Hive and other Hive-Engine tokens, as well as passive earnings from dividend paying tokens such as BRO and INDEX.

The details of the CCCF token are still in flux. The basic idea is to pay CCCF token holders a variable percentage of Creative Coin Fund liquid curation rewards. The percentage will be raised when the average price of CCC is declining to incentivize investment in Creative Coin.

How will a larger payout incentivize investment in CCC? CCCF tokens will be issued as a staking reward for CCC, at a rate of 1 CCCF to 1 staked CCC. So investors can earn more of Creative Coin Fund's curation rewards ... by buying and staking Creative Coin!

How high can it go?

At the moment, it takes very little investment to raise the price of CCC. In the past two weeks, competing buy orders from @cliffagreen (600 Hive, read about it here) and @zedcell (1300 Hive, read his announcement here) have nearly doubled the lowest bid from .0017 Hive to .00304 Hive. The lowest sell orders are tracking that movement, especially now that the Creative Coin Fund is snagging the lowest with a daily market order of between 10 and 25 Hive.

In two weeks, the earnings of poets, writers, photographers, musicians, and digital artists who use the Creative Coin tag have practically doubled in value. That's spectacular. Could we quadruple that? How about centupling it?

The question is really not, how high can it go, but how high do we want it to go?

The Creative Coin Fund is being established to support a CCC price that affords artists a living wage.

There's simply no reason that can't be done.

Ways to support the Creative Coin Fund

  1. Follow the cliffagreen curation trail on HiveVote. This is @cliffagreen's personal account, which for now has a larger CCC upvote than the Creative Coin Fund. When that situation reverses @cccf will set up its own trail.

  2. Delegate to the Creative Coin Fund (@cccf). Delegations of Hive or any other Hive-Engine token are welcome as well as CCC, since it will help create curation income that will be used to buy CCC.

  3. Write code for the CCCF token. We need a volunteer here; @cliffagreen has zero technical skills!

  4. Donations are welcome. The seed money is coming from @cliffagreen's disposable fiat; any other little bit will help.

  5. Follow @cccf to stay up to date and vote on our announcement posts.

Going forward

The Creative Coin Fund, and this idea, are less than a week old. Things will surely evolve in the coming weeks as the idea takes shape, but the basic principles will remain: support artists with a large CCC upvote; make that CCC valuable by supporting the price of the token.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. Stay tuned and...

Remember to use #creativecoin!

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This is interesting

I've been looking at this tribe for some time and just gathering Stake there.

Now it's time for me to get bigger.

It's a type of content I work with (creating artwork for custom products)

Can I post my photos of creations there?

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That seems like a great use of the tag. I look forward to supporting you. Here's a link from @isaria that shares the original vision of Creative Coin: And the Creative Coin discord community is still active:


thank you so much

Sounds like a great project hope it does well. I've delegated to the account.

Have you spoken with Isaria and Shane?

Thank you!

No, I haven't spoken with Isaria and Shane. I don't know them. Would you recommend it?

They are the founders of the community, seems like they might be excited that someone is trying to keep it active.

Both of them are good people.

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Great initiative; I'll delegate half my CCC while the @cccf account accumulates 😁

That's incredible! Thank you!

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Great... Success in this project that benefits us all.