I Quit Hive To Earn More Hive? Yep

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I've been on Steem/Hive since July 2017 and have had a lot of fun but honestly over the summer I got frustrated with hive because it was so hard to earn.

Didn't matter how hard I worked on a post or how little effort I put in, the amount of hive I earned was the same and it wasn't alot.

The most earnings I had were from participating in @actifit. Don't get me wrong it's a great dapp but for me, it is far from the social blockchain experience I was looking for. I'd earn a few hive a week and there's nothing wrong with that.

But in December I made my way back to blog posting to give it one last shot. I remembered @leofinance as the place where I could learn stuff and wanted to catch up on what hive developments I had missed during my absence.

Well, not much happened on hive but @leofinance was alive with innovation so I dug in and began to engage. It's been great and the funny thing is that I'm actually earning more hive than I ever had before. Just look at the image above and check out my hive earnings over the last 30 day period.

It's really astounding and it's because of the @leo.voter and the hive power that curators in the LeoFinance community hold.

My thought back in December was that Leo could trickle down and keep hive exciting for me but never in my wildest dreams did I think that completely disengaging from Hive would lead to more Hive!

But, it did. Many of you know that I sold my steem for Leo and began the conversion of all my Hive to Leo so in effect I was giving up Hive for the Leo dream.

While my conversion isn't yet complete it appears that I made the right choice to become a Leo curator and earn both leo and hive by default.

Has anyone else experienced such a dramatic shift in their hive earnings from Leo? If so, I want to hear about it in the comments.

Hive (Leo) to the Moon!

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@cflclosers, Only hive users can understand this awesome "Title". Have a profitable journey ahead and stay blessed.

i think it depends on the communities you are part of and your role there. for example, i have seen people on certain communities on hive earning quite a lot, more than i earn on leo even now that the price ration is 1:4

Also, let's not kid ourselves no matter where you are who you know plays a big role!

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Very well said!

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Nice development - Hive on :-)

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