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RE: My Contribution to Leo Power Up Day

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that's pretty awesome. I made my 5000 Leo Power goal. Actually, I had 7000 but bought cub and polycub. But I always wanted at least 5000 power because I like to curate. At 5000 I can pretty much give out and receive 1 Leo per day from curation.

I plan to have enough Leo all the to LPUD 3 in August but after that I need to make some decisions about acquiring it.

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That's awesome. I just want 5000 because its pretty !LOL. I like curating too though and getting a whole leo a day would be great. At these prices though its tempting to jump the line a bit. $600 would give you 10k Leo. That's crazy to me.


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that is a crazy amount. But, if I had $600 that I needed to spend I'd probably go with hive. I have let go of too much hive getting into all of these 2nd layer things. Ultimately that's the one I want I think. I'm shamefully low for a guy whose a few weeks away from 5 years on the chain.

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I hear you. I don't have 5 years under my belt but I still only have about 950 Hive and I'd love to make that a much larger number. I always get caught up with all the layer 2 coins also and forget about hive. Some have been great investments but most I would have been better off to just keep the hive.

I'd certainly like to get to the point aht my upvote isn't dust.

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