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Good day hivers,

Do you know about the EOSIO Blockchain? If not then it is one of the world's fastest decentralized Blockchain. The network has a native token called $EOS. The network is popular because of it's speed and reliability. It also costs no fees to run a transaction on the EOS Blockchain.


Recently, the Network has aligned with the Wax, Telos and UX Blockchains to launch, a fast, secure, scalable and transparent franework to help in the building of web3 projects successfully. It will also help in making sure millions of transactions are fuĺfilled daily.

One of the effective ways to promote the EOSIO Blockchain is by using memes. So I made this post to urge hivers to go follow the official EOS memes page on Twitter. Here is the link to follow eosmemes.

This is not a financial advice but consider adding $EOS to your Crypto portfolio. It is currently at 46 on with 911.56 million dollar marketcap.

Do well to follow the EOS meme page. Also you can join the official EOS discord to get more information from the community. See you there.

You can also follow the EOS Network Foundation page on Twitter.

Cheers. 🧡🤍💚