NFT and Gaming: The revolution of the videogames industry

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The blockchain has literally revolutionized the concept of gaming, introducing the #PlayToEarn mode, in which the player is not only the passive user of the product but becomes an integral part of the game, especially from an economic point of view. In fact, while until a few years ago the player limited himself to spending money to buy the game and have fun, today, by supporting the same expense, he is remunerated according to his level and the time dedicated.


It is an anomalous concept for current players who are not accustomed to the crypto world, but who are definitely gaining an important share of the market in this sector, helping to spread the concept of blockchain behind it. But there is no gaming without NFTs and to better explain the fundamental interaction between the two concepts, I will talk about Splinterlands, the #PlayToEarn card game that has been developing NFTs integrated into the game system for 4 years.


Splinterlands, for those unfamiliar with it, is a Hearthstone-style card game developed on the Hive blockchain. The aim of the game is to upgrade your magic cards to defeat your opponents and earn tokens, which can be exchanged and withdrawn or invested again to upgrade the cards.


The cards are NFTs, digital cards with a unique serial number, exchangeable on the game market or you can rent them to other players and get daily rewards without the need to play. Many investors who in the past, when the game was still in the early stages of development, have invested even small sums, today, following the explosion in terms of new users and card value, live on income, recovering the initial investment.


Or maybe you remember the most famous Cryptokitties, a simple game based on the Tamagotchi model, where the player is required to cure a virtual kitten which is also an NFT. Each puppy is unique and is owned by a single person, validated through the blockchain and whose care that will be given to it in game can increase or decrease its market value.


In short, NFTs are an integral part of the new concept of gaming and which will represent the new industry of the videogame sector in the coming years. What could be better for an avid gamer to play and earn? It is essential to maintain the balance and credibility that the games are decentralized, i.e. there is no company or CEO that controls the game economy but everything is decided by the community through votes.

Loop Finance has introduced an NFTs that offers rewards to its owners and I am convinced that this fascinating new model will be able to integrate even more into the gaming sector and stimulate more and more players. The videogames sector moves 2 trillion dollars every year, huge amounts. Imagine if a large part of this capital were divided among the players …


Millions of new jobs would be created in the world and I am sure that the turnover would increase exponentially. NFTs are the foundation on which GameFi is being built and represent the future of the gaming industry.

In the coming years, I am sure, the NFTs, the blockchain, the cryptocurrencies will be the fulcrum of the new world economy.

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