Coffee and Philosophy Ep 183

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This week ye ole Copernicus and I spend a bit of time discussing crypto topics and market manipulation before diving into le philosophy. This week we decided to reflect on self awareness and finding inner peace amidst the chaos of our society. It felt like a good topic to reflect on after several weeks of discussions related to current events. The more you focus on things the more of an impact they have on your mental health and wellbeing, so it's always good to be mindful of what we're allowing to occupy our thoughts, time, and energy. Much love. Peace.

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I think that the meme about vacations is funny, but I had to read it twice to catch it, and only read it again because your words suggested you would not have promoted mandatory vaccines. You should consider that some people will not notice it says vacation, and especially if it is someone who thinks you worth listening to, will be influenced towards a pro-vaccine status.

I think the misspelling was part of the joke, but you right, never underestimate the power of the whoosh.

I thought the misspelling, within the context, was the entirety of the joke. Now I feel like I have missed something.

On a side note; Do you have any advice on where I might start a podcast of my own, if I am worried about censorship? Where is a good place I would not have to worry about my posts being shadow banned, or me being booted from the platform?

Great show! 😜

Definitely it's going to be a good topic and I can't wait to hear the outcome of it