Could Leo use some torching?

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Today I received the hive torch thingy and passed it forwards like the good little hive user that I am. Also added 1 Hive to the mix - good thing I'm not a complete and utter pleb and can afford 1 Hive.

The troch thingy is about 10 months old now and it's approaching it's target of 333 transfers, with my transfer being number 297, and I guess it's doing better than the steem torch and others before it. But it got me thinking if we could do things better here on Leo.


Leo is doing quite good at the moment with everybody punishing their cute little cubs to live in dark and humid dens for the rest of their little lives, in order to make as much gainzzz as possible ( I don't judge, everyone is free do as they please with their crypto animals :P). But it could do a whole lot better. Most like to think we have the most dynamic community here on Leo, and the numbers show that we are the best payed out of all the communities on hive.

Maybe we could prove that we earn more for a reason and have a better and faster torch ? I imagine if we pull this off and get more transfers than anyone has before, it could be a nice publicity stunt and also give a sense of community building given the coordination required to accomplish it. Can't let the leo team pump the price just by themselves now can we ?


Of course it could all fail, but I like to think that with proper planning we could pull it of better than any other community could.

As a quick side note I would like to thank @thegermandude for trusting a clumsy clown with the hive torch, I would have been a little anxious to send it to me if I were him :P


Anyway what do you think about the whole idea? Is carrying the crypto torch still cool or is it stale and nobody does that in 2021 and I'm just out of touch with reality ? :))

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Keep carrying that torch even a BitCoin Baby like me would carry one

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Why are you a bitcoin baby and not a hive baby? :)

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Well .....because....... I got into Bitcoin before joining hives and used that name on a different platform and it was returning positive feedback.....but you might be on to something as the Hive universe just like cryptoverse still holds some mysteries for me