Leo Finance keeps surprising me every day

in LeoFinance5 months ago (edited)

Have you ever noticed the small links to social media in the bottom right corner of the Leo Finance interface?


Being a man destined for "great success" ( with Borat accent) I only noticed them after my post 5 Improvements that would make Leo Finance even better and though in my endless naivety that they were added recently and I could make fun of the possibility they were added as a reaction to my post, implying they immediately began improving Leo "enlightened" by my " incredible ideas".

Some people are saying the links have been there for like 2 months but you can pretend with me that they were added because of my post so you can enjoy some memes:




Ps: It looks like Ethereum is going bananas and Leo is mirroring it's growth, I'm curious to see if Leo will grow at the same percentages, until Ethereum hits a plateau that is.

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