Wall Street Bets needs a more welcoming and censorship resistant home

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The now infamous, reddit community Wall Street Bets has received a lot of backlash from traditional social media in the last few days after upsetting some of the big boys of the financial world with their GameStop stocks shenanigans. And we may have not seen the full extent of the backlash, because reddit has banned other communities in the recent past..

If Reddit goes full North Korea on them and sends the whole community to the internet gulag, they might want to look around for a platform that doesn't drop them at the first sign of mischievous behavior.


The Leo community is a more than welcoming place full of potential and open minded people, on top of that the welcome rug has already been put on Leo Finance's front door.

Instead of going on and on how awesome Leo is in comparison to traditional social media, here are some memes that get my point across far better:

Chad Leo.png




Feel free to share them on social media so that people can find out about Leo and join in on the fun. ( crediting them is very appreciated ).

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Its like I always say, the quality of memes determines the quality of a project and this smells like progress.

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thank you for the high praise :) I am trying to figure out how more technical aspects of Leo so I can make better memes, any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated :D

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Love your memes.
Thank you for this creative.

If it makes you smile and also helps Leo then I'm happy :). Thanks for the kind words

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Good work Buddy. You never fail to impress lol.

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I try my best :) thanks for the encouragement

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Leofinance.io uses Cloudflare and Cloudflare knows every IP address that accesses the site. ISPs are required by law to keep a record of all IP addresses assigned to users for many years at least in the EU.

A mobile app that talks to the Hive and HiveEngine APIs or whatnot would be cool.

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Thanks for the explanation, I think I'll modify the meme in question. Are there any plans to use a more anonymous alternative to Cloudflare?

Not that I know of. What Cloudflare does is valuable in terms of DDoS attack mitigation and load balancing. But what they do involves quite a bit of tracking and analysis. Through Cloudflare, the US authorities could shut down a huge portion of the entire web. It's a highly sub-optimal solution and a mobile app would be fantastic. But then again, at the moment, the LeoFinance team has a lot on their plate.

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I see, thanks for taking the time to tell me all that :)

Make memes of me too or I will permanently flag you from today on

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