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RE: The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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That's awesome, thanks Asher! I was aiming to get to the top of the list to start the year out strong! ...then go down hill the rest of the way lmao kidding! I'm hoping to try to stay as high in as I can but took advantage of the time to engage!

Congrats to @tattoodjay, @jfang003, @brittandjosie, @ganjafarmer, @dreemsteem, @khaleesii, @iskafan, @xplosive, and @justinparke.
We all killed it this past week, keep up the awesome engagement everyone!

Huge thanks to you, Asher, and all the sponsors/voters! Great way to start off the new year!


Nicely done, starting on top :)

The festive season provides time for some and less for others and so it's nice to see a change-up in the placings.

Happy New Year!

Yeah for me I got some leisure time at work so I took advantage of it and did some stuff. It was a nice break but the grind starts back up in full swing for sure tomorrow!

I'll visit your post later but I hear you got the Rona! Hopefully you're doing well man, seems like it's improving but I'll find out more later!

Jeez kiddo, did your fam saw you lately? 😂 👍

I'm rubbing Joys belly while typing this, a bubble of destruction is on it's way to be released. If this comment breaks up before I can say.......................................................................................

Hahaha only for a few moments! I mean... of course they did 😋

Oh man, I don't know if I want some dog shit coming my way! I get enough of that wiping a kids ass hahaha

As long as it's gas form I'm more or less fine lol. "Spritzpups" is the liquid version 😂

heheheh thanks and way to bring it!!!!! wooooooooooot!!!

Thank you @abh12345 for yet ANOTHER week of fun and engagement! hehehehe

Thanks! It was a lot of fun and some great work for sure! I think we all did excellent this week!

Congratulations. I am glad that someone I interact with claimed the top spot :)

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Hahaha I know, often in the past I would see the top lists and figure "well, don't know who that one is lol" which is great! It's always nice to see a familiar name in the top though. Thanks man!

Congratulations awesome job..

Thank you very much for your hard work unengaging other people. It looks like you got nearly twice as many words posted up this week then I did.

Yeah I was having a lot of fun this week however I am happy with where I'm at and really blessed at all of these tokens that I've gotten from this league.

You definitely deserve number one this week!

Thanks man! It was a lot of work for sure but it was a lot of fun and great to talk with lots of people! I did a whole lot of long comments which is why the word count is high lol

Let’s keep up the engagement and return on investment all over the place here!

Awesome job and I can't wait to see more from you.

Thanks my man, I've been so distracted with ASEAN Hive that I haven't checked in here for far too long. This may or may not be the first time I made it in the top 10.

That's great you cracked top 10! It's been a while for me as well to get close to the top 10 so it was something I enjoyed and had fun with!

Keep up the awesome work on the other section of hive you're helping with! You guys are doing great work I think!

God knows I just met you today because you are number one today. I must say I am impressed. I'll visit your blog soon. I need to find the potion and magic you are using... Lol. Congratulations to you too.

You rocked it this week amazing numbers way to go

Haha thanks, start the new year off right I reckon!


Thank you and congratulations to you champ.