Bad Luck Prize Winner

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Its been 6 months since I have been participating in the LPUD and this month it is different to get a 60K LEO delegation from @onelfa for the Bad Luck Prize.


To be honest it is a great surprise for me and hopefully, I will try to justify the delegation which I have got. I have not won any delegation in the last 6 months so yeah it is a great surprise for me. I wanted to have at least 5K LP by the year-end and hopefully, with this delegation, I would be able to complete the goal in this month.


And this is one of the reasons, I would ask everyone to take part in the Leo Power Up Day, you never know when can be your day to have this type of surprise. Again in the bear market, this is a bull for me because I will be earning some LEO, which is again needed for me to increase LEO in my portfolio.

I will continue powering up LEO in the subsequent months too, not because of the prize but I know the development going on in the LEO ecosystem and I want to be part of it.

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Congratulations and keep the good work progressing.

Thanks, let's progress together.

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Congratulations mate. you're now a whale may the power of Leo be with you

Yes, I am a whale now.

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Wow Coding.. Congrats.

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Thanks Rajat

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Again in the bear market, this is a bull for me . . .

Yes, agreed 100%! 😅👍💲💲🦈🦈



Yes man :)

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That's why I commented on one thread, "Is there a Bear market on Hive? I only see bulls, lions, dragons, and orcas." 😅


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Congratulations! That's a huge Leo Power and you will surely achieve your goal. Same as you, I've been participating in the LPUD since it started and a surprise came today thru the announcement. Although the delegation is yet to come hehe!

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Yes its a surprise, good that we are progressing together.

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Good surprises are cool :) And yes to progressing together. Although we are yet to receive our delegations so can't give some fat upvotes hehe!

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