Dream Big but Don't make Greed Take Over

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Each one of us has a dream of living a pretty comfortable life when we have money, some may want to feed good food to their family, for some buying a house is a dream for some buying a big car is a dream whereas for some retiring and enjoying life is a dream. So whatever the reason, each of us is running after money to make that dream come true. Now for that dream to come true, we do so many things, working on the day job, working on the passive income, saving and investing and other things.

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These things are good so that you can get close to your dream or a number of goals but the problem is it's hard to get to all dreams in one lifetime and because of that people do become greedy thinking that, that can help them to complete all the goals at once. And this is the problem faced by many, there are people earning quite a good amount but still they want to earn more money. There is no problem with that, but the problem is in the times like these (in recession), these people feel the heat where they have to justify why they are earning this much and what value they are bringing and other things.

Similarly to get more returns people try to invest in that risky assets and when that goes down they lose a lot of money which was supposed to be invested well to make their dream come true and thus their goals are never completed. Each one of us is greedy, the only thing is that we should not make our greed take over and thus we should not lose everything which we have acquired.

I have big dreams but I am not playing it risky, it's ok to move my goals for some years rather than trying to complete everything at once.

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You are very right with what you said friend.. Nice article

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Thanks :)

You are welcome