Hello LeoThreads , Good Bye Twitter

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Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends

Threads launch on Hive by the leofinance team is the beginning of another era where everyone is welcomed for microblogging. Threads can be game changing and can bring huge traffic to Hive ecosystem.

After the launch of threads Everyone on Hive is talking about it. The craze is high. Threads is the new twitter for everyone. According to my understanding Hive users now will spend most of their time on Threads and will say goodbye to Twitter.

Threads will increase engagement between users. Good thing is that Threads have chances to get upvoted from users so this is extra income if you know, you know. On the other side twitter will not give you anything for your tweets.

Anyone can post about anything on Threads. I believe it could be a perfect microblogging platform for crypto communities for interacting with the users.

Well we Got a pretty nice microblogging feature in the farm of Threads. All we need now is the publicity. We all have to come for spreading the word thread out there on all other social media platforms. Besides this invite your family and friends to join us on Threads.


Thank you for stopping by. If you see my work as good, please give it a reblog or an upvote would be highly appreciated. About Author @coolguy222 is a full time crypto trader and content creator on hive blockchain. He loves to make new friends.

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Definitely this is another level of growth and progress when it comes to hive ecosystem, this will definitely makes room for lot of engagement in the community, imagine when all you have to do is drop a word and have lot of individuals engaged and also earn on it, it is definitely another end to long content base on my opinion

I love microblogging concept by @leofinance and would love to post microblog almost everyday. Thanks for sharing this one.

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