My goals are on track and I'm ready for the next LPUD

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"Never spend your money before you have it." – Thomas Jefferson

Hello Hivers, Lions, and Saturday Savers!

This is my tracking of goals post for the Saturday Savers Club, in its 32nd week this year. Although, for me is the third since I joined the Club. And it's become a great way to stay on top of my goals.

This week, I have seen the consequences of my lack of activity on Hive last week, but thanks to the Hive PUD this week, it made up for it, and I achieved my goals for the week.

But before I go to the report on my progress, if you are interested in joining the Saturday Savers Club and want to know what it is all about. Go and read Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | 2022 Launch and FAQs | Everyone Welcome | EDS for Comments.

Goals progress

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 8.26.25 AM.png

This week, thanks to the August 1st power up this week my account grew by over 100 HP despite having almost no author rewards due to my lack of activity last week, so I met the weekly target I set for myself.

I keep the 100 HP weekly target, although the price of Hive could recover more which is good news for everyone. But it also means it could be tougher to get that 100 HP every week.

My short term HBD savings targets are on track, and I see no major problem in reaching 350 HBD in savings by the first week of September.

As for the EDSMM, I made little progress this week since I only got one additional mini miner. But I hope to be able to catch up with the goal next week.

For this week, I have added other second-layer tokens to the list, those I usually use more or receive in tips. I have set a small target for them as I am still not convinced if I want to have any of them seriously over time. My focus is on achieving my Hive and LEO goals, and for the rest, I will only keep track of the progress but with no stress.

I'm ready for LPUD

I already have the necessary LEO for the next LPUD. This week, I bought some LEOs taking advantage of the fact that the price of LEO concerning Hive dropped. Did you know the minimum amount was reduced to 150 for the next LPUD?

Screen Shot 20220806 at 11.47.56 AM.png

However, I hope to be able to reach 200 LEOs before August 15th to go towards my annual goal. I also hope with the new #Leothreads feature to be more active on Leofinance. Have you already made some threads?


The highlight in Rising Stars is that at the beginning of the week, I received my millionaire card. And with it, the amount of starbits I make every day is higher. I have planned to buy packs twice a month to increase my account and the number of fans until I can make an average of 20k starbits per day.

My goal for the end of the year is still to reach level 75 and unlock the next island. Yesterday, I opened one of the two 12-packs that I plan to acquire this month. Nothing extraordinary. I didn't get any epic. But I did manage to increase the number of fans on my account.

Currently, my account is LVL 63, permanent fans 4980, and my ego is at 0%.

Disclaimer: The above is my year-end savings goals, and they are no financial advice.

This is my report for this Saturday. And as of this week, I have agreed with my saver partner in crime @tengolotodo that we will grade each other. I give myself an 8 out of 10, considering this is my 5th post this week. And tomorrow, I plan to post. What do you think, Super Ed?

Also, I'm thinking of doing these reports every two weeks to don't repeat myself. What do you say, do you permit me, super saver partner, @tengolotodo?

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

All writings are my own unless otherwise stated.

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August 6, 2022


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To get involved in this initiative do check out @eddie-earner or @susie-saver for details about the Saturday Savers

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jeje you are permitted savers partner to do them every two weeks!
I give you a 9/10 you hit your HP goal and that is what counts, you also got back on track with posting more.
no I have not made a thread, perhaps we have a wee savers team thread.
I missed the drop to 150 for lpud, hoosie pointed it out to me.
The threads is interesting as I think it will knock me out of the top ten engagement league, which is actually a great thing as I need to totally revamp how I engage and who I engage with.
You did fantastic Super Eli so yes I give you a 9 out of 10!

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Thanks thanks saver partner, I knew you would be understanding hehe.

I tried a couple of threads, but I didn't get into it very much. By the way, there is a contest but I don't remember until when.
I read about the 150 yesterday by chance.
And I agree that threads can be a great way to give more value to our interactions in Leofinance that until now for my side didn't make much and most of them were in the leagues.

You are a superstar, Super Ed!
and No surrender!!! 🎉⚽️

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Yes I saw the thread competition post but did not read just voted and reblogged I think jeje
So much going on, I need to refocus on things!
150 is good as I have 194 now so will see what to do with the extra..

Me a superstar, you are too kind Superstar Super Eli 💙
and hell yeah No Surrender ⚽⚽⚽

Action and focus, Super Ed ;)
I also have to focus on what is important to achieve the goals, Super Ed. I don't have that much time available these days, and I want to make the most of the time I have left with Rodrigo in the house.

Exactly Super Eli that is where your focus should be, when do you fly?

It should be no later than 10 September. This week I have to buy the ticket, I'm giving time for Rodrigo's tickets to arrive since the university is taking care of them for him as so that I can go on the same flight. Also this week the direct flights to Colombia are supposed to open, because of those crazy stories that happen here, those were also suspended. If they don't open them this week, I have to go with a stopover in Panama.

well fingers crossed the direct flights open, the less stopovers the better!
10 September, okay I thought was the end of August. It is good that the university is taking care of the flights for Rodrigo, let's hope they don't wait until the last minute.

Great work on your goals. That is some super progress you are making. Good luck with Rising Star. 😎

Thank you, Steve 😊 have a great weekend

Good to see ya back on track ! I know and believe you'll do things on right time.

Wish you Good luck on your Goals!
Happy weekend.

Aw thank you so much, you are very kind
Happy weekend to you too :)

Well done

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Thank you :)

Yay! 🤗
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Nice update, and great to see that you made some pretty good increases in HP and LEO ! Keep it up !

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Thank you, hoosie. Let's keep working towards our goals :)

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You are doing great on your goals sis! Congratulations :) 100 HP a week is amazing. I wish you the best towards your numbers and fun too while working on them :)


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Thank you, sis! Let's see if I can do that 100 HP per week if the Hive price goes up ;)
Have a lovely evening :)


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I wish you the best on that and everything sis :) $HIVE's price seems to be going up steadily. Hope it won't shoot up yet hehehe :)

Cheers to you amiga!

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Thank you amiga, I wish you all the best too.
And that's what I hope too, that the price will hold up a bit ;)

Cheers sis, hope it will for us to acquire more :)

🤞 Happy evening sis :)

Oh wow! Those are quite the goals...hehehe. I am just taking my time and going through links to feed my mind and maybe understand how stuff works. I like what I am seeing. I hope you get these goals. Would be reading you soon!

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Hi! Thank you :)
Take your time, and I'm sure you'll reach your goals. Let me know if I can help you 🤗

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I just read Ed's post about this too.. I wanna join this club but lazy to monitor my earnings 😅. . or should I say, no enough time..

Hi, there! You don't have to track the earnings every week. At least you don't have to make a post. I'm going to start doing them every two weeks because I think it might get repetitive otherwise. What you should do is make a post with your goals and then you can do a monthly follow-up. Cheer up and join :)


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Sure.. Thank you 🥰

I believe you would achieve your goals and yes, you can do it, reaching 75 by the end of the year.

Hi, how are you ma? Been a while too 😎

Hi Princess. Thank you! I'm fine. I've been a bit busy these days, but all is well :)
Have a lovely week

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So Super Eli, I am going through my notifications and saw this was edited, so I come for a look and am clueless jaja
Happy monday!

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Happy Monday, Super Ed
Sorry, but I had to edit it as I had an error in the table in my Leo goals, and I didn't want to leave it like that.
Clueless, eh 😂😂

jeje we can't be having errors Super Eli!
I need to think about my goals again!

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Think about them Super Ed, jeje


well we shall see Super Eli;)