Splinterlands | Buying & Opening 100+10 Packs - Results & Calculations!

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I ended up buying a batch of 100+10 Claos Legion packs in Splinterlands as they became quite favorable to actually buy in my vies. This is my reasoning and the overall results opening them...

Reasons To Buy Packs

I tend to go about things in a more rational way without giving into the addictive gambling side of buying packs so when I do end up buying them I need to have some good reasons:

  • I Enjoy Playing Splinterlands: Much more so compared to in the past where I mostly played the money management game with the card game being an obligatory gimmick. The team has done excellent work in the card design and balancing of the Chaos Legion set along with the changes made in ranked rewards which made the game much more fun and competitive. This for sure is a reason why I continue to be invested in the game aiming to grow.
  • DEC Discount for Packs: When I bought the 100+10 Packs last week, the price of DEC was around 0.5$ for 1000 DEC (now 0.59$) making it so that it gave a 50% discount compared to just buying them with credit. The reason I generally buy cards directly from the market is mainly because if packs were better, you could just buy packs, open them and sell the cards for a profit instantly. At some point last week because of the discount, this actually started turning into a reality.
  • Potion Quest Reward: I like the move of the increased number of potions that are given to players from single chest rewards especially in higher leagues as a way to incentivese buying packs. One of the reasons I initially bought some backs was because I had a lot of potions stacked. With the reward changes, they started to add up again and they also actually provide quite good value with the only real way to extract them as to open packs.
  • Legendary Summoner Airdrops: The number of packs needed to get a guaranteed airdrop cards seems to go up which made me rather unlucky not to get a single Rath card. I aim to play these summoners this time around.
  • Building My Chaos Legion Collection: I'm still missing quite some card so I can use more of them.
  • 100 Pack (+10) Discount: The fact that you get 10 packs extra for the price if 10 Vouchers adds to the overall value you are expected to get from the total batch.

110 Packs Opening Results

In total at the time I paid around ~220$ including the value of the vouchers for the 110 packs which got my total up to 495 close to what is needed to guarantee at least 1 airdrop. I had to open them over the course of a couple of days as more potions that are needed still were coming in from the rewards.

While I failed to get any Golden Legendary Cards or even Golden Epics, I did get not 1, not 2, but 3 Golden Summoners!

I also got a Queen Mycella which is a card I'm still looking to buy. Overall all cards combined at the current value is 195.510$ so I ended up with a slight loss overall as the purchase price was ~220$ without counting the increase in Airdrop chance which for sure will be worth enough to make it a profitable buy. I also do believe the values over time will rise and I already sold 1 card for 38376.79 DEC


Just looking at what you on average expect to get from opening packs with Potions, I still very much prefer buying cards directly on the market. Especially Epics & Legendary cards feel quite cheap on the market compared to the actual chance that you have to get them from packs. (27 out of 550 cards). However, when you are able to pick up packs at the right price and have enough potions stacked up from rewards to open them, it's quite hard to actually lose money on them and opening them is a lot of fun!

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Did the same, got 118 with the DEC used for airdrop, but I open them slowly when i get the Lege and Alch potions. You were still good and lucky. Especially if you get something extra on airdrop.

What are your thoughts on Riftwatchers?

The way I see Riftwatchers is as an expansion for the real whales. For me, it's too much and too soon as I'm still in full accumulation of Chaos Legion cards. The game also still feels very fresh with the current cards and the balance is great. I'm sure Riftwatchers will pump the price of SPS a bit, but I don't like the fact that their only real play is to print more cards at quite a high pace which kind of devalues all the other cards in a way. Regardless, I think the game is in a great spot right now as it's actually fun and enjoyable with a lot of room for new players/money to come in.

The way I see Riftwatchers is as an expansion for the real whales. For me, it's too much and too soon as I'm still in full accumulation of Chaos Legion cards.


3 Gold summoners is pretty lit!

Indeed, You won't hear me complain about those. It's hard to actually make a profit buying cards though as the most expensive card for Chaos Legion right now is 'only' worth 150$. If it wasn't for the airdrops, I would just stick to buying cards so they do have a nice mechanic going there for sure.

great! great analysis and calculations!

Wow all those gold summoners. I managed summoners but not GF. The chaos packs are less than $2 now. I buy some and want to hold on to it, but each time I alway open it. As I believe it will rise in value !

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121