Kaboom !!!

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The one sure thing we all know being involved in Crypto is that the kaboom explosion is going to happen. It is no longer an if or a maybe but a when as there is too much happening in the real world that is failing.

5 years ago the movement against Crypto adoption was far bigger than we see today as they even have given up fighting this as they know they cannot prevent the inevitable. How they all fit in is what they are working on so they are not left looking in from the outside. They all know that digital currencies are the future and this can no longer be ignored or delayed much longer.


Up to this point Governments around the world have managed to plug the gaps the best they can but at some point everything will give way. They know in order to maintain control they need to be part of it as if they are not on the same train they are in serious trouble.

The SEC fighting the Ripple case is in serious trouble and from all accounts looks as though that battle has been lost rather badly. This was more of a delay thinking they could stall the adoption process and once this is over the floodgates should start to break down. Obviously this has backfired slightly as the end result is not what they had hoped for.

How much value can we expect to see being added into Crypto is what we are all thinking as if we remember the Bitcoin Pizza payment which was 10 000 Bitcoin for 2 pizzas. That equates to around $195 million today or $12 million per slice. This is how quickly prices can change with Crypto rising in value as $40 to $195 million is rather absurd and mind blowing. One could really say that is a kaboom moment over a 10 year period. 4875 million x to be exact is how the value has risen since then.

Those of us who constantly look at our portfolio (we all do) often wonder what will the value be in 10 years from now. The answer is we do not know and how many zeros we have to still add. Many of us joined the Crypto family within the last 5 years so we do not really understand the power of a rising market and can only imagine how magical it is.

Hive reaching $3.41 late last year was my first experience of this phenomenon and this is still early days. That may have been a Kaboom moment, but not really if we are comparing apples with apples as that was child's play. The real moment is still yet to come and why we all love Crypto so much as we just don't know when or how big that moment will be.

Personally I still haven't spent any of my Crypto unless it was funding other Crypto purchases as the knowledge that the kaboom moment is still upon us and spending any now would be absolute madness. I would rather clean toilets or cook burgers at Mc Donald's than spend my precious Crypto coins.

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A win for Ripple will actually be a win for the entire industry in many ways. Not the biggest XRP fan, but I am definitely routing for them!

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